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(Last Updated On: February 3, 2019)

Anacyclus Pyrethrum (Akarkara Root) : Can It Increase Testosterone?

I have been reading quite a bit about Anacyclus Pyrethrum in various sports and bodybuilding forums recently.

It is being touted around as an effective testosterone boosting ingredient, and I must say that it does appear in a few supplements that I have looked at recently.

akarkara root testosterone

But the main question is – Does Anacyclus Pyrethrum really live up to all its hype and claims?

What do studies tell us about this natural plant based compound?

This article looks in more depth at Anacyclus Pyrethrum as I try to find out exactly what it can (and cannot) do.

Anacyclus Pyrethrum

Also referred to as Akarkara Root, Anacyclus Pyrethrum is popular in traditional Indian Ayurbedic medicines, its main use being for the treatment of libido, low testosterone and to treat erectile dysfunction.

It can also be used in cooking, for its spicy effects

A perennial shrub belonging to the Asteraceae family.

It is native to north Africa, parts of Europe, India, The Himalayan area and also in parts of Arabia.

It is also referred to as Mount Atlas Daisy, Spanish Camomile and Pellitory.

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Does Anacyclus Pyrethrum Boost Testosterone?

Despite the beliefs and claims of the traditional Indian doctors peer is actually no human trials that back up the claims that it can boost testosterone – Not ONE.

Added to that, because of the distinct lack in human tests and trials, there is no guidelines as to safe dosing or even if it is safe to take in the long term.

Studies On Rats

There have been a number of studies that looked at the effects of Anacyclus Pyrethrum on Wistart Rats under laboratory conditions.

The first study I want to mention concluded that giving Rats a daily serving of Anacyclus Pyrethrum saw a two fold increase in both testosterone and luteinising hormone – a direct precursor to testosterone production in the leydig cells.

The size and weight of the Rats testicles also increased.

Anacyclus Pyrethrum appears to work by stimulating the hypothalamus in the brain, this is the first part of the hormonal series of events that lead to testosterone production.

The key component in Anacyclus Pyrethrum is a class of molecules called alkyl amides. One unique alkaloid is called LS-MS and it os tough to be the one responsible for the stimulation of the hypothalamus.

This same alkaloid is also found in another herb called Splianthes Acmella which has also show some testosterone boosting properties in Rats, but again there are no human studies to back the studies up.

Can Anacyclus Pyrethrum Boost Libido As Claimed?

There is just one study which was carried out on ( yes you guessed it) Rats.

The results were conclusive with both erections and mounting frequency increasing. 

As a point of interest, these increased urges continued for up to 15 days after the supplanting ceased.

In Conclusion

Its a shame that we aren’t Rats as supplementing with Akarkara Root does appear to boost both testosterone, libido and erection quality.

The trouble is that we have no idea if it actually works in humans. 

Added to that there is no defined information on wether the supplement is actually safe to take for extended periods of time, OR how much we should be taking.

Bottom line – its unproven and we have no idea how safe it is.. I strongly suggest that you avoid any supplement containing Anacyclus Pyrethrum (Akarkara Root) until such time as human based studies have been carried out ad the results fully understood.

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