Are Natural Testosterone Boosters Just Anabolic Steroids in Disguise?

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2018)

Are Natural Testosterone Boosters Just Anabolic Steroids in Disguise?

If you are working hard in the gym to build larger stronger muscles, you will have no doubt considered taking a supplement of some form or another to help boost your results.

A good supplement can make a huge difference to the growth of your muscles, the levels of body fat and your overall performance.

However – For bodybuilders the choice is 2 fold – Natural T-boosters or Anabolic Steroids.

anabolic steroids or t-boosters?

Often confused for each other, a natural t-booster is completely different to anabolic steroids. Its crucial therefore that you are aware of these differences and only then can you decide whats the best option for you.

This article highlights the key differences between the two.

Why Should You Boost Your Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is the key male hormone, it is the results of an intricate hormonal process which results in testosterone being produced by the leidig cells in the testes.

It has 2 main functions:

Androgenic – Helps to build your manly physique, square jaw, broad shoulders and your manly, authoritative personality.

Anabolic – Increases and maintains muscle mass by regulating protein synthesis, elevates strength, performance, and sex drive.

Optimum levels of testosterone are also known to help guard against certain metabolic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and high cholesterol. It has an effect on our body composition, maintaining a healthy level of body fat ad of course is responsible for our fertility.

With age, its perfect norma for our natural testosterone production to decline, from the age of 35 or thereabouts, our levels can drop by between 1-2% per year. 

With normal testosterone readings in our blood based between 300ng.dl and 1000ng.dl, when these readings drop below 300ng.dl, you are official classed as having low testosterone. 

This will make it very difficulty to maintain muscle mass and strength, your levels of belly fat will usually increase and you are then at risk of metabolic disorders (listed above) and also heart and cognitive diseases too.

The first thing to suffer for most men is usually their libido and sexual performance.

“For these reasons, its absolutely imperative that you try and maximise your testosterone production”.

Natural T-Boosters Or Synthetic Steroids?

natural T-boosters or anabolic steroids?

If you were to go around your gym asking other bodybuilders what to do, I am sure that there will be some that advocate the use of steroids, and they do have their point – Anabolic steroids do work really well and FAST to build high levels of muscle mass.

Natural T-boosters do produce similar results, they just take a little longer to kick in.

the fact is that both anabolic steroids and natural testosterone boosters hep increase your testosterone levels. 

The key difference is that one does it naturally by developing and nurturing the right hormonal environment for your body to encourage it produce more of its own genetic testosterone. 

The other works by shutting down your natural hormone production and forces synthetic man made testosterone into your body instead.


There are different types of steroids, many of us haven given them by our doctor to fight certain illnesses, (prednisolone as an example) maybe a chest infection, asthma or similar. 

These are not the ones used by some bodybuilders. 

They take a completely different, more hardcore version called Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) .

AAS are synthetic or man made versions of testosterone tat are made in a laboratory. Taken in several ways, oral tablets, injection into the muscle or in liquid form.

injecting anabolic steroids

Depending on the actual steroid taken (there are many different types), they will exert their effects on the central nervous system, reproductive tissues, muscle and bone. They are very effective at forcing the body to increase muscle mass.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Natural t-boosters are not steroids – they are a mix of natural compounds, herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins that work in the body to provide all the nutrients required to encourage the body to increase its natural testosterone production.

They work by:

  • Optimising the hormonal cycle responsible for the manufacture and release of steroid sex hormones.
  • Increases the number of signals being sent to the leidig cells instructing them to produce more testosterone.
  • Reducing the effects of the various compounds in the blood that restrict testosterone levels.

In simple terms, natural T-boosters influence and promote the production of more natural testosterone, they DO NOT force foreign or man made hormone into the body. 

Therefore they are unlikely to cause any adverse reactions or side effects. 

Steroids Vs Testosterone Boosters: Side Effects

There are lots of mis-truths and false claims about steroids and what they can do for your body. Most anabolic steroid users will only tell you about the benefits and unfortunately ignore the very real risks of side effects and possible long term health problems.

Anabolic steroids are linked to some quite nasty side effects, some more minor and others potentially life threatening.

Common side effects can include:

  • Development of man boobs – (aka bitch tits, gynecomastia)  The appearance of excess breast tissue that resembles female breasts.
  • Infertility Issues – Shrinking testicles, reduced sperm count
  • Increased Risks – Of Heart, liver and kidneys diseases
  • Mood Changes – Increased aggression, depression and suicidal tendencies
  • Hair Loss
  • Acne
  • Metabolic Diseases – Diabetes, Increased Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Problems

Natural T-boosters are generally free from side effects. 

Some users might get mild headaches or even nausea when they start taking them- these cases are often caused when guys ignore the dosing instructions and take too much, any problems like these are normally short lived and in 99% of cases disappear very quickly – as long as you adhere to the directions..

Natural T-boosters are made using herbal and plant based nutrients, they only contain minerals and vitamins that are generally found in our foodstuff .

Are Steroids and T-Boosters Legal

Steroids are in many countries controlled substances, they are not allowed to be made, imported and possession of them is illegal. 

These countries include the UK, Canada and the US. 

There are countries where they can still be readily obtained, allowing unscrupulous sellers to make a fortune selling them on the back market. They flout loopholes in their own countries laws to sell them online.

Natural T-Boosters are 100% legal due to the fact that they are only made with natural ingredients.

I am aware of a few dodgy manufacturers who have put unlisted steroids into their so called ‘natural supplements’. 

They hide these in undisclosed proprietary blends.

My strong recommendation is to avoid these proprietary blends (also listed as complexes or matrixes) and always buy a supplement that fully discloses its ingredients and the amounts of each per serving – that way you know exactly what you are buying and putting into your body.

Can Competing Athletes Use Either Steroids Or T-Boosters?

ioc logo

Steroids were banned in any shape and form by the IOC in 1974. They are not allowed to be taken in any circumstances in the olympics or in fact any competitive sport. 

The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) was formed in 1999 to enforce the rules and educate athletes as to the issues relating to steroid use.

T-boosters are not banned by either the IOC or WADA – as natural supplements they are classed as legal and acceptable for  use in competition.

So What Is Best?

taking a natural t-booster

For me its a no brainer really.. why risk your health and possibly your life to take an anabolic steroid when you can use a natural T-booster instead. 

Sure it might take a little longer to get the results you want, but the gains will be solid, long lasting  results that will not compromise your well being and disrupt your natural hormonal processes into the bargain.

There are many T-boosters out there on the market to choose from. Of these there are a small percentage that really deliver on their promises. 

I have spent the past few years researching and trying out various T boosting products and ingredients and from my intensive personal research, and after spending hundreds of hours reading clinical studies, have put together a list of the 5 products that I believe provide the best by way of formulas, results and customer after sales care.

On top of that, all products listed provide their buyers with lengthy cash back guarantees that enable buyers to claim their money back should they be unhappy with the results.

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