Best At Home Testosterone Test For The UK

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2018)

Best At Home Testosterone Test 

LetsGetChecked – At Home Testosterone Test Review

if you are concerned about your testosterone levels and simply do not have the time or the inclination to go to your own Doctor there is a simple way that you can get your testosterone level tested in the comfort of your own home.

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LetsGetChecked provide a very useful ‘at home’ testosterone test where you can provide a small amount of blood and then send it to their laboratory for professional testing. Your results are then available on line within 2- 5 working days.

How Does The LetsGetChecked – At Home Testosterone Test Work?

The box containing everything that you need is mailed to you through the post.

It contains full, easy to follow instructions that provide a quick and easy blood sample collection, that will help identify any shortfall in testosterone in your body..

at home testosterone test instructions

Directions For Use:

  • First off – activate the test at “”
  • Then to start wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, use warm water to help warm your hands, as its easier to collect blood when hands are warm.
  • The makers suggest using the 4th (ring) finger on your non dominant hand. First off using the antiseptic swab, wipe and disinfect the finger.
  • Remove one of the lancets from the bag and twist, removing the blue stick.
  • In a standing position  (it makes blood collecting easier) wrap the lancet around the rounded part of the finger tip. Push down firmly.
  • After piercing the skin, wipe away the first bubble of blood with a clean tissue. then holding the arm downwards, massage the hand and finger to encourage blood to flow. 
  • Place finger over the top the collection bottle and continue to massage the finger  (DO NOT squeeze) to encourage blood to flow into the collection tube. 
  • Make sure that the collection tube is completely full – if not the sample will be rejected by the Lab.
  • Place the lid onto the collection tube and push down firmly until you hear a click.
  • Invert the tube up to 10 times to prepare the sample for the lab.
  • Place in the bio-protective bag and then place in the test box. Follow the instructions on the label for shipping instructions.

PLEASE NOTE – the makers ask that you AVOID taking and posting blood samples on a Friday or over the  weekend.

The results will be available online between 2 and 5 days after posting back.

You will be given a clear indication on your testosterone levels and should the results require any further help or guidance, you have 24/7 access to the clinical team.

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Sample User Feedback:

testosterone test reviews

Where To Buy The LetsGetChecked – At Home Testosterone Test.

The at home testosterone test is available to buy in the UK direct from Amazon. (Click Here)

It costs £59.00 with free shipping throughout the UK.

You are supplied with sufficient lancets for up to 3 tests.

Shipping is usually within a few days.

*For Those in The USA*

This kit is also sold through for US based customers –

It currently costs $69.00 – Click Here For US product page

at home testosterone test

My Thoughts

I am not usually a fan of certain  ‘at home’ tests but the overall feedback for this particular test is excellent. It is easy to use and certainly in the UK, the fast turnaround is actually quicker than some test results provided by the NHS.

The 24/7 clinical support is another bonus should you need it.

Its certainly worth doing if you are concerned about your testosterone levels, regardless of age.

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