Best Supplements For Crossfit Training

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2019)

Best Supplements For Crossfit Training

best supplements for crossfit

Our modern day lifestyle is rather hectic, as such we face an ever increasing demand on our time. This makes it even more important that when we manage to get into the gym, that we get the best out of our workouts.

Its really frustrating to realise that the work you have been putting in at the gym isn’t doing you much good. Many keen gym goers start working out regularly without a real plan and as such are really wasting their time, leaving them with feelings of disappointment and frustration and poor results.

The year 2000 changed that for a lot of people. A hugely popular endurance and training program was developed and released on the unsuspecting public. Its name – CROSSFIT.

Developed to build both your strength and flexibility, it combines a blend of fitness, strength and endurance daily workouts that work your entire body in a relative, short period of time. This made it ever so popular with those with demanding lifestyles or jobs.

It has been proven to be a really effective program, but that said, there are still ways to enhance your results and that is by carefully choosing some effective supplements that will feed your bodies nutritional requirements, helping to maximise gains in both strength, endurance and your overall fitness levels.

Key Supplements That Are Perfect For Those Doing Crossfit

L-Citrulline DL Malate

l-Citrulline Malate

Present in some foodstuffs, particularly watermelon. 

It is a powerful source of L-arginine, an amino acid with proven muscle building properties. it is a vasodilator meaning that it helps to relax and dilate the blood vessels, allowing for improved blood flow through to and through the muscles. This has a direct influence on the amount of nutrients and essential oxygen being delivered to the cells. 

As a results, energy levels are improved, and muscle protein synthesis is maximised. 

Taking L-Citrulline DL Malate has actually been shown to be more effective that taking actual L-Arginine products.

An added benefit is that its effects help to boost libido and erection strength too.

Beta Alanine

beta alanine

A non essential amino acid that has been used and appreciated by hardened bodybuilders and athletes for quite a while.

Recognised for its ability to boost levels of carnosine in the muscle cells, which extends the period of time that you can work your muscles at an intense pace before experiencing fatigue. 

This makes it a perfect addition to the supplementation of any keen “cross fitter”


beetroot benefits

High in Nitrates which has been proven to boost mitochondrial activity, increasing cellular energy and the ability to workout for longer periods of time.

Its uses have been studied and has been shown to increase both running and rowing performance, basically increasing endurance and performance. It can also help regulate blood pressure alongside oxygen consumption – both key to effective Crossfit workouts.


pomegranate supplements

An effective superfood, extremely high in antioxidants, that remove free radicals (every day toxins) that can cause cellular damage, it can also help reduce the risk of certain cancers and also protect the heart. It can also improve blood flow.

Its very effective at controlling blood pressure, and maintain good cardiovascular health, enabling you to see the full range of benefits from your crossfire training.

Pomegranate also appears in a number of effective male libido products, its ability to boost blood flow has been shown to improve erection strength and longevity – so much so that it was christened ‘Natures Viagra’ by one popular newspaper in the UK.


benefits of ginger

A common and ancient traditional ingredient in both eastern and western natural medicines. Also a popular ingredient in the kitchen.

Its excellent at helping to reduce the effects of fatigue and muscle stress after workouts, it has anti inflammatory effects that reduce muscle pain, swellings and soreness – all symptoms that can be experienced after intensive crossfit workouts

Ginger can also help boost heart health and reduce blood sugar levels.

Sodium Bicarbonate

baking soda testosterone

Sodium Bicarbonate – AKA baking Soda is a surprising addition that works really well. 

It helps to increase your own blood PH level which believe its or not helps to improve the time and level that muscles can workout for before succumbing to fatigue.


potassium in bananas

A crucial mineral and electrolyte that helps to boost hydration after a workout, it lowers sodium (salt) levels, and reduces the risk of hypertension. 

Commonly found in Bananas which are a quick and easy way to get some potassium into the  body straight after a strenuous crossfit session.


longjack testosterone booster

This is the only ingredient in the list that is more beneficial to men than women (all the others provide equal benefits)

Studies have shown that it can boost testosterone levels in men by up to 37%. 

Its great at reducing the effects of exercised induced stress which is especially good when taken alongside a crossfit regime as its high intensity does place the body under a lot of stress.

Just because its an excellent testosterone booster does not mean that it will not benefit women, Its also an excellent libido booster that will benefit both sexes.


Proven at scientific levels to boost strength and testosterone levels. It has sleep quality boosting effects and is great at lowering the effects of stress on the body.

Suitable for all, just be a little choosy as to what form the supplement comes in. 

I suggest the KSM-66 form. it is found in a number of supplements and is without any doubt the best and MOST effective available.

To Sum Up

There is no doubt that Crossfit is here to stay, its an effective workout program that really boosts fitness, an energy and strength. 

You can build muscle definition and burn fat at the same time.

As with everything you can always improve and these particular ingredients all offer keen “crossfitters” some great benefits.

Add these your daily supplementation and watch your results grow.

Recommended – 

For Men – Check out my review on Alpha Wolf Force X7 – it contains number of these key ingredients including KSM-66 Ashwagandha and L-Citrulline Malate alongside other key compounds that will boost energy levels, testosterone production and enhance your results.

For Women – I suggest POWHER(click link to read more) a female friendly pre-workout supplement that contains both Beta-Alanine and L-Citruline Malate alongside other compounds that work to compliment the subtle but key hormonal differences in female bodies to boost their energy levels, performance and results.


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