Blue Star Status Testosterone Booster Review

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2019)


Blue Star STATUS T-Booster : Does It Deliver Effective Results?

Blue Star Status reviews

Blue Star Status is a natural testosterone booster made and supplied by US based Blue Star Neutraceuticals.

The makers claim that their product makes boosting testosterone easy, its designed for any man who is looking to increase his hormone production, be it to help him boost muscle mass and strength or to help restore some lost vitality.

At first glance I found that it did contain some decent ingredients alongside some less desirable ones. Some of the formula doesn’t have much by way of clinical evidence behind it, which kind of puts me off a bit.

Anyway, lets have a good look at this product and see just what it can (or cannot) do.

The Formula In Blue Star Status

The formula is partially disclosed, the makers split the ingredient profile into 3 blends, and partially reveal the full details of the formula.

Here is what you are getting:

  • Magnesium 450mg
  • Zinc 30mg
  • Vitamin B6 10.5mg
  • KSM-66 AShwagandha 600mg
  • Longjack Root 300mg
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM) 108mg
  • Testosurge® Fenugreek extract 100mg

Plus an undisclosed proprietary blend totalling 61mg made up of unknown amounts of

  • Fumerate
  • Bioperine (black pepper)
  • Astragin (Panax ginseng)
  • Sodium Alpha Liopic Acid
  • Succinate

formula in blue star status

How To Take Blue Star Status

The daily serving is three capsules – take each morning at breakfast with a glass of water to speed and ease absorption.

The Good About Blue Star Status

Status does include some decent and proven ingredients. the ZMA combination of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6 are always essential and should be present in any T-booster.

My only comments on this part of the formula is that the forms (types) of Magnesium and Zinc could be better. 

The makers use the ‘aspartate’ form which is cheaper and not so bioavailable to the body.

I prefer the ‘Citrate’ form which although is more expensive, is considered to be the most effective and bioavailable form of both ingredients.

The makers also use Longjack and KSM-66 Ashwagandha. the latter is the purest form of Ashwagadha, its excellent at reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) build up which is detrimental to testosterone production. It has solid clinical evidence behind it that confirms its testosterone boosting properties.

Longjack is a great t-booster and offers well documented Libido support. 

My only concern with this is the amount found in each dose of Status. 

At 300mg per serving, it is a little on the high side for me, and although the manufacturers do not suggest this, I would personally cycle any product contain this amount of Longjack, taking it for 5-7 days and then resting for 5 days before resuming.

The Bad about Blue Star Status

I am not keen on manufacturers who for any reason hide all or part of their formula behind those unspecified proprietary blends, or ‘complexes’. (we get both with this product)

Bioperine is a great product at helping to boost the absorption of the other ingredients in the mix, but we do not know if there is enough for it to be truly effective.

Astragin is form of panax ginseng, a great ingredient when taken in optimum amounts, but again, we do not know how much is included.

In total, the undisclosed XD Delivery Technology blend contains 61mg and this is divided between the 5 ingredients that make it up. Just do the maths here, 5 into 61 doesn’t allow for a lot of anything.

I think the makers have missed a trick by not putting Boron or Vitamin D3 into their product, both are (as far as I am concerned) essential for any decent T-booster.

They could have reduced the amount of Longjack or taken DIM out to make room.

The inclusion of Fenugreek is another one that raises questions. The brand name TestoSURGE® contained in the mix is a fancy name for fenugreek extract. Its commonly used to treat the menopause in women, it can help to induce childbirth and boost the spy of breast milk in women who are breastfeeding.

It is found in many T-boosting products but the facts are that it does not have much clinical evidence that confirms its testosterone boosting abilities. 

Most studies that are out there, have been paid for and run by the companies supplying the ingredient, so they do tend to be somewhat bias, with no real way of knowing just how good or effective it really is.

I did uncover one study that showed that while it didn’t actually increase testosterone, it did stabilise and maintain healthy levels in fit, younger men

At 100mg per serving, there isn’t actually a lot of it in the mix either.

My final point of concern is the use of diindolylmethane (DIM) in the mix. There is a lot of marketing hype out there, but a distinct lack of clinical studies to back up the claims.

Its main uses is in the treatment of post menopausal women.

There have been studies that show that it can actually reduce testosterone. 

It is also thought to block DHT – a potent Estrogen blocker, which as a result can free up more estrogen in the body. 

This is really bad for testosterone production, and can lead to increased body fat and reduced libido.

Where To Buy Blue Star STATUS T-booster

Its available from Amazon, cost ranges around the $60 mark for a 30 day supply. This makes it quite expensive for what you are getting.

There does not appear to be any cash back guarantees either.

My Final Thoughts On Blue Star STATUS

I am 50/50 on this one, there are some decent, solid ingredients in the mix, but it is lacking in some areas. and as mentioned above, some of the forms could be better.

Status might provide mild results for some users, especially someone who it maybe trying their first T-booster. 

But I think that harden bodybuilders for instance will find it lacking in potency and effectiveness.

For me, though, there are far better, more effective products out there, the best of these can be found on my top 5 testosterone booster page

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