Bodybuilding Risks And Dangers

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Bodybuilding Risks And Dangers

Would you believe that exercising and building muscle could actually harm your health?  IT SURE CAN. Discover more about bodybuilding risks and dangers.

We all find a well honed body attractive to look don’t we? Seeing a man or woman at the peak of fitness is what we all secretly crave.

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Achieving the body beautiful is achievable, that is for most of us.  You need focus, willpower and a very strict diet.  These factors put many people off.  

Becoming a bodybuilder gives you strength, great muscle tone and the perfect beach body if you work hard enough.

Where do the downsides come in??

You can if you take the training to extreme injure your body and could in rare cases cause death.

Keeping yourself healthy and safe is a must when starting out on the bodybuilding trail.

Here are some facts about one of our favourite ways to look and feel good.

Can Bodybuilding Really Kill?

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The answer to this in its extreme is a resounding YES.  Yale New Haven Hospital in the US during 2006 uncovered a direct link between heavy weight lifting and sudden aorta rupture in young men.  They found that 10 fit and otherwise healthy young men died this year alone after lifting heavy weights.

“Do Not Expose Yourself To Bodybuilding Risks”

To explain the definition of heavy weight lifting, you would be expected to lift 50% or more of your bodyweight. If you have any undiagnosed health issues such has an enlarged aorta or perhaps an aneurism that has not been found, heavy lifting could cause potentially lethal heart problems.

It would be strongly advisable to seek out a medical assessment of your heart before starting a bodybuilding regime. 

Injuries that Can Occur

The potential to injure yourself during training with weights is pretty likely, you are putting a great amount of strain on your body especially when lifting weights.  Muscles and joints can be strained, not to mentioned the cardiovascular system.

This does not just apply to bodybuilders, any athlete or sportsperson needs to know how to avoid injury

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What Are The Most Bodybuilding Risks 

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Shoulder Back and Knee injuries are probably the most common problems bodybuilders complain of.

We personally know of one bodybuilder who has had not one but two hip replacements over a two year period.  He has lifted weights for over 30 years.  There has to be some blame put on the strain of all the heavy lifting on the need for the replacements.

It is not unheard of to tear muscle tissue when performing deadlifts.  Our friend’s son did just that, separating his bicep from the bone when pushing some really heavy weight. This required surgery that took months to recover from.

To avoid injury as much as possible, practising the correct technique when lifting weights is essential.

Steroid Use and Bad Diets

Protein is eaten in abundance by bodybuilders, especially when on the competition circuit.  It is said to promote defined, leaner muscle.  Some bodybuilders actually let themselves become dehydrated or stop eating before a competition to try and maximise muscle tone and definition.

This is only a good practice if it is done responsibly..  Unfortunately many bodybuilders risk their health by taking this too far.

Diet is a large part of successful bodybuilding but a well balanced diet is crucial for successful results and good health.

Using anabolic steroids as a quick fix to massive muscle mass is just too risky.  With so many dangerous side effects to consider, leave well alone.

Side Effects Of Anabolic Steroids

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To name just a few..  Blood Pressure problems, kidney damage, shrunken testicles, baldness, man boobs and baldness.  These are just for starters, heart disease is a real possibility when taking anabolic steroids.  

In women the problems increase with blood pressure, heart and liver problems being among the top risks.  Women may develop deeper voices, excessive body hair and could end up with an enlarged clitoris, this could actually look like a small penis.

female bodybuilder steroid risks

These problems in some cases are not reversible.

Warning Signs Should Not Be ignored

Bodybuilders look pretty impressive with their gleaming well honed muscles, the truth is that many of them are not actually ‘fit’.  

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How To Be Heart Fit

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Bodybuilding on its own does not make you heart fit.  To achieve your optimum fitness you have to pump the heart muscle.  By increasing blood flow around the body you will get better results and help to keep injury at bay.  Taking Anabolic Steroids  or starving prior to a competition could increase your chances of heart problems.

Vary your workouts – swim, bike ride or run instead of weight training a couple of days a week, this will help to strengthen your heart and make training days so much more successful.

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