Bulbine Natalensis

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2018)

Bulbine Natalensis : Effective T-Booster Or Not?

Bulbine Natalensis is a flowering plant that is native to South Africa.

It has been used in traditional tribal medicine for centuries as a way of helping men improve their sexual performance and overall libido. 

Until recently it was a close secret kept solely by the tribal cultures that used it, but nowadays science has caught up and there have been a number of studies that have examined the potential for benefits that could be gained by supplementing with it.

bulbine natalensis

This article takes a more in-depth look at Bulbine Natalensis, its makeup, any benefits and of course and potential side effects.

About Bulbine Natalensis

The extract used in most supplements is sourced from the stem of the plant. This part contains saponin, (antioxidants) Tannins (polyphenols) and alkaloids such as carbon and nitrogen. It is these compounds that give Bulbine its reported health benefits.

Bulbine Natalensis And Testosterone

studies on bulbine natalensis

Studies have demonstrated that Bulbine Natalensis does indeed have potential for boosting testosterone. 

The first one confirmed that when test rats were given between 25-50mg per Kg of bodyweight, their testosterone levels increased alongside those of both FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) Read Study Reports Here

A second study backed up these findings. a group of Rats were given similar doses to the first study and another group were given up to 100mg/kg

The group of rats taking the 25-50mg/kg saw similar increase, rather strangely though, the group receiving the 100mg/kg did not see the same results – Read study here

In both studies, the rats sexual behaviour also changed, with increased mounting, and more aggressive sexual responses. As before the group taking the larger amount did not show the same effects, in fact researchers saw the opposite effect.

There are a few human studies out there, however the conclusions are still pending, but it has been shown to be safe for human consumption, especially up to a period of 28 days.

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Does Bulbine Natalensis Cause Side Effects

Currently there is no real evidence of any truly adverse problems being caused by taking Bulbine Natalensis. 

As results of more human trials filter through, we will get a more positive idea of its effects and if any – side effects.

It is known to increase the release of DHT, which could in some men increase the risk of hair loss. 

DHT is an androgen that is even stronger that Testosterone, but in men with a genetic family history of male baldness, it could increase the problem. 

Its generally considered that if you do not have a family tendency to male hair loss, it should not be a concern.

One study did record some adverse effects in test rats only, who experienced a reduction in the size of their liver and kidneys. 

It did not prove fatal to the animals, but it is known that a reduction in organ size could result in organ failure – just worth bearing in mind.

Should I Be Taking Bulbine Natalensis?

is bulbine natalensis safe

There is strong evidence even with the absence of human trial results, that taking Bulbine Natalensis could be of use to any man who wants to give his testosterone levels and libido a boost.

We know that its considered safe for a supplement cycle of 28 days, so I would recommend that should you decided to take it, that you take it in a 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off cycle.

The only poor reviews available online are from users that said that certain brands didn’t work that well. there are no real reports of any nasty side effects resulting from its use.


bulbine natalensis tests and trials

While we are waiting for human test results to become public knowledge its a hard one to call. 

Evidence does lean towards the opinion that Bulbine Natalensis could offer some testosterone boosting benefits, but this is based almost solely on animal studies. 

Now while Rats are considered to be the closets thing to us in genetic make up (the reason why labs use them for these studies), the facts are that what works in rats doesn’t always work in humans.

It doesn’t look like its going to do you any harm in the short term, and may well provide some benefits. 

Just remember do not take for any longer than 28 days and then take a similar rest period before taking it again.

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