Can Ayurvedic Medicine Boost Testosterone

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2018)

Can Ayurvedic Medicine Boost Testosterone?

When researching testosterone boosters, the major thing to look out for is the ingredient label.  Get the right mix of natural ingredients supplied at the right dosage per serving and you will be onto a winner.

Choose one with the wrong ingredients, or one that doesn’t contain enough of the right ones and you will be left feeling disappointed, frustrated and out of pocket financially .

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This article looks at one form of traditional medicine, called Ayurvedic medicine, it originates from India, and its origins can be traced back for thousands of years.

Ayurvedic Medicine – What Is It?

Commonly referrer to as Ayurveda, this form of traditional Indian medicine dates back thousands of years. Its name is taken from the words ayer (which means life) and veda which refers to the words science and knowledge.

It is a form of ancient medicine still practiced today. its main concept being the spiritual and mental connection between our mind and body.

Ayurveda actually focuses on how the body connects with the world and environment around it. It relies on plant and herbal extracts to boost health and overall wellness. Its primary goal is to help followers live a long and healthy life without diseases or other illnesses.

Used to treat many different forms of illness, ranging from cancer to cognitive disease, cardiovascular conditions and the menopause. Its use actually pre-dates most modern medicine and their treatments.

Its use has been also used to help restore testosterone levels and help maintain male health.

With more and more men living to older age these days, many of who will develop low testosterone. 

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Its use of plant and herbal extracts has been found to help rebalance hormonal levels, helping to restore testosterone levels, improving lost muscle tone, energy, strength and moods alongside sexual responses and performance.

But you do not have to take the word of some old Indian ‘doctor’ or the beliefs of keen followers, science has itself studied and has proven that there are some natural compounds that can nurture and increase the body’s natural hormone production. increasing testosterone and reducing the side effects experienced by men with reduced levels.

Ayurvedic medicine cites a number of natural ingredient as potential testosterone boosters. I have taken a deep, hard look at them and their effects to determine if they are as effective as traditional beliefs tell us.

These Are My Findings:

#1 Ashwagandha


Found in a number of natural T-boosters, Ashwangandha is member of the nightshade family, it is a low growing perennial shrub that has dark green leaves with flowers that are bright red.

Popular for hundreds of years, followers of ayurvedic medicine claim that it has androgenic properties, in other words it has direct effect on our adrenal glands and our hormones. It is claimed that it helps to boost libido, strength and overall virility.

Science kind of puts a damper on these beliefs. In studies it has shown some very slight potential ability to increase testosterone, but these effects were very limited, and only seem to offer any improvement in men who were infertile and who had very low testosterone. 

The improvements took over 6 months of treatment for the mild effects to actually be noticed.

Experts now agree that Ashwagandha might offer some support to men who are infertile, but as a testosterone booster, it lacks any real effects.

#2 Shilajit

shilajit testosterone

A mineral based compound that rather looks like tar. It is a waxy black substance commonly found in the Himalayas which has been popular in Ayuverdic medicine for many years.

Very high in Zinc, magnesium and fulfil acid, shilajit is actually made up from compressed plant matter, traditionalists claim that it can boost energy levels and balance wayward blood sugar levels.

Science has show that rather like Ashwagandha, Shiljit offers no real testosterone boosting properties.

The reputable journal “Journal of Ethnopharmacology” suggested that Shilajit lacks any evidence whatsoever that it can provide any benefits at all.

More studies are naturally required but it currently appears that Shilajit offers no benefits whatsoever.

#3 Holy Basil

holy basil ayurvedic medicine

A south Asian herbal extract, sometimes refers to in Ayuverdic medicine as tulsi.

It is considered to be the ‘elixir of life, having been mentioned in the ancient text called the Charaka Samhita.

It is high in bioactive comounds, namely flavanoids, ursolic acid, eugenol and β-Elemene.

It is thought to have positive effects on stress, body composition and blood sugar levels, it is also believed (but not proven) to have any cancer properties too.

Despite the ancient beliefs and claims, the scientific facts are that this ingredient is largely unstudied, and as such there is no proof whatsoever that backs up the ayurvedic claims.

#4 Tribulus Terrestris

tribulus testosterone booster


A spiny, yellow flowering pant found in many parts of Europe, Asia and the US. Oe of the most popular of all natural plant extracts.

Like other Ayurvedic herbs, it has some claimed benefits in that it is believed to help reduce stress, and boost physical and mental energy levels. 

There are also claims that it can improve libido, virility and stamina, and that it has a direct and positive effect on testosterone production.

Tribulus was thought to be so potent back in the 1970’s that the olympic Bulgarian weightlifting team all took it, believing that it would offer additional performance.

This belief was unfounded, the fact is that studies have shown that Tribulus doesn’t boost either muscle mass or strength, even when taken at high doses for extended periods of time.

The question surrounding its ability to boost testosterone is also very much in doubt. There have been lots of clinical studies that looked at this question, however only one was actually carried out on human test subjects. 

It was discovered that Tribulus has no effect at all, be it directly or indirectly on testosterone production – at best it is a totally ineffective treatment.

To sum up Tribulus Terrestris may help boost a flagging libido, but as a strength enhancer and/or t-booster it simply does not work.

Should I Consider Ayurvedic Medicine In My Quest To Boost Testosterone?

As an alternative form of traditional medicine, Ayurvedic medicine has without any doubt some positive health benefits and effects, sadly this does not stretch to influencing testosterone production.

Relying on these particular Ayurvedic herbs will only cause you disappointment and frustration. 

Fortunately science has proven that some natural extracts, minerals and vitamins outside the scope of ayurvedic medicine do in fact have testosterone boosting properties.

These Ingredients include:

  • Vitamin D3
  • D-aspartic Acid
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6
  • Fenugreek
  • Boron

Any decent testosterone boosting supplement will have all or most of these in their formulas.

In fact I would go as far as saying, that if these (or most of them) ingredients do not appear in the formula, that you look elsewhere..

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