Does Butea Superba Boost Testosterone

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2018)

Does Butea Superba Boost Testosterone

As we get older we can all start to experience a decline in natural testosterone production, reduced energy, poor muscle tone, strength and performance along with a noticeable drop in libido are all common signs.

There are many ingredients out there that have reported t-boosting benefits. some clinically proven and others not so much.

One ingredient that I have seen in a number of products is a plant extract called Butea Superba. 

butea superba

This article looks into this natural extract, and provides information about it and its beneficial effects.

What Is Butea Superba

Butea Superba is a flowering plant that belongs to the Pea family. 

Otherwise known as Red Kwao Krua it is a climbing plant that tends to wrap itself around trees and other undergrowth. It has a vibrant orange/yellow flower.

Predominately found in Northern and Eastern Thailand it is believed to have aphrodisiac properties, and is taken throughout the region to help boost vigour and sexual appetite. 

Its roots contain many bioactive compounds including some sterol compounds and glycosides. It also contains a flavonoid called Butenin which sets it apart from many other plants.

Does Butea Superba Have T-Boosting Properties?

It has to be said that there is a distinct lack of testing of this extract, of those that are available only 2 have been carried out on humans, the rest being on laboratory rats and mice.

The animal studies have been inconclusive, rats have been given doses ranging from 50mg-250mg per kg of bodyweight. 

A 2010 study followed these doses and failed to see any improvement in testosterone production in Wistar Rats.

butea superba root

Human Studies

There are only 2 human trials available to date.

One study followed 39 men who all suffered from erectile dysfunction. They were given 1000mg per day for 3 months and they did experience an increase in testosterone by up to 11% over the test period. This study was rather lacking in detail, the fact is that the number of test subjects was too low to really determine the true effects.

The other study involving humans was more of a case study than a full trial. A 35 year old healthy Thai male was given an unspecified amount of Butea Superba for several weeks, actually to try and treat hair loss. 

When examined by doctors, the man just mentioned that his sex drive had increased, and when tested, it was discovered that his testosterone had increased by about 2%. 

What it did show that the supplement did increase the levels of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) a powerful androgen and anti estrogenic. 

However in men with genetic tendencies, Increased DHT can also increase male hair loss.

It Could Actually Reduce Testosterone

One study involving rats saw that when they were given a dose of 200mg per kg bodyweight they actually saw testosterone levels drop alongside crucial white blood cells that are essential for protecting us from infections.

To Sum Up

Despite its use for thousands of years in traditional medicine for treating male virility, performance and health Butea Superba is largely untested and instead really relies on hearsay and unproven rumours and anecdotes.

There have been just two human studies of sorts that have shown a mild increase in sex drive but as a t-booster its effects are not proven.

The studies that have been carried out have been rather contradictory, with both decrease and small increases in testosterone being recorded.

Personally, with so many variables and no concrete evidence either proving or disproving its ability, we would recommend that you avoid supplements containing this ingredient until such times as more clinical studies and concrete proof are available.

Instead look for reliable, T boosting supplements with a proven formula and a history of results


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