How Testosterone Benefits Your Body

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

How Testosterone Benefits Your Body

Why You Need To Maximise Testosterone Production

Testosterone (T) is the most important of all male hormones. Reduced production could potentially kill you!

Made in the testes in men, its essential for growth and the development of our most male characteristics. Also found in women, it is produced in their ovaries and adrenal glands, but to a far lesser degree than men.

structure of testosterone

During puberty and into early adolescence, testosterone production increases 30 fold to initiate and regulate sexual development, and is responsible for the growth of body and facial hair, our deeper voices, enlargement of the penis and testicles, our muscles and strength. 

In fact everything that makes us men.

These high levels are maintained through our twenties, but as we reach 30 and beyond, our natural levels of testosterone start to reduce. 

Experts agree that it falls off by around 1-2% per year. By the time a man reached his 50’s, his testosterone production could be some 40% lower than it was at its peak.

Testosterone plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of:

  • Muscle mass, strength and energy
  • Facial and body hair
  • Sexual responses and libido
  • Moods and deeper voice
  • Bone density
  • Cardiovascular health

In The Gym

testosterone and the gym

T is the key hormone to consider when it comes to building larger muscles, during our twenties we find it easy to put on muscle mass by exercising and working out. 

Testosterone drives muscle synthesis, helping the muscle fibres to tear, increase and repair to enable muscle growth. 

Its important to maintain optimum levels of this most male of all hormones when working out, and this is why so many keen bodybuilders look at ways of boosting its production.

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

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As We Get Older

low testosterone effects

As we discussed above, with age comes reduced T. If the levels drop too far, we can experience symptoms of low T. These can include:

  • Reduced sex drive
  • Erection problems
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Lack of strength
  • Fatigue
  • Increased belly fat
  • Poor moods.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you are likely to have low testosterone (AKA Hypogonadism). Its easy to find out, your doctor can order a blood test which will determine the levels of T in your blood.

Normal testosterone levels are between 300ng.dl and 1000ng.dl. Any lower and you will be diagnosed with low T.

If this is the case, you could either be offered a course of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) or possible they might suggest that you take a natural T-boosting supplement.

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

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The Benefits Of Increasing Testosterone Levels

benefits of testosterone

  1. Keep Your Heart Healthy

Your heart pumps blood around your body, feeding it with oxygen to keep it functioning properly. T is responsible for helping the development of red blood cells through the bone marrow. 

It’s a recognised fact that reduced testosterone levels are linked to cardiovascular problems.

In fact one huge study that involved some 83000 men who managed to boost their T levels back to normal, were 36% less likely to have a stroke and actually reduced the chance of a heart attack by 24%

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2. Maintains Bone health

T is responsible for the maintenance of our bone mineral density. As we age and our  levels reduce, the risks of weaker bones and conditions such as osteoporosis increases. By keeping our hormone levels elevated, our bones remain stronger, supporting our organs and muscles which boosts our athletic performance.

Studies have shown that increased T can help boost bone density, especially in the key areas such as the hips and spine. It is not know however if increased level of T can actually lower the risk of fractures

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3. Reduced Fat And Builds Muscle

Testosterone is the key to increased lean muscle mass. This helps to reduce fat build up and improves energy levels. This is why men who go to the gym regularly use t-boosters to help heir results. 

In the older man, studies have shown that by boosting testosterone production you can reduce fat build up and improve  muscle tone. 

To increase strength, you would have to combine testosterone supplements with exercise and strength training

4. Improved Libido

testosterone boosts libido

Men with greater amounts of testosterone usually have stronger sex drives and more sexual activity.

Studies have shown that by increasing your hormone production you can improve a sluggish libido, enjoy stronger, longer lasting erections, and enjoy greatly improved sexual performance.

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5. Improved Cognitive Function

Research has clearly demonstrated a link between T levels and the ability to think quickly, and process facts and figures quickly. It has also been shown that men with higher percentages of T in their blood are less likely to develop problems such as Alzheimers disease.

Testosterone boosting has been shown to help increase spatial memory in men aged between 34 and 70

6. Better Moods

Lower T levels can reflect on the man’s health and overall quality of life. his can lead to reduced moods, fatigue, depression, anxiety and irritability. 

Research has show that in men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone, increasing testosterone production can help alleviate these feelings.

The Risks Of Testosterone Therapy

testosterone risks

There are many prescription methods available, they all involve the use of man made synthetic testosterone. Your doctor can suggest that you try  injections, or topical treatments like gels, or creams. 

You can also get TRT patches, pellets that are implanted under the skin, and buccal tablets that melt in the mouth.

Each method has its own potential side effects. Injections can cause mood swings, patches, creams and gels can cause skin irritation.

Side Effects of these various TRT methods can include:

  • Fluid retention
  • acne
  • enlarged breasts
  • reduced testicular size
  • lower sperm count
  • bad moods, aggressiveness 
  • Increased risk of prostate and breast cancer
  • Increase risks of heart problems
  • Sleep apnea

There is also a risk of passing the synthetic hormone onto family members, particularly your wife and children when using topical treatments. 

This can have some very detrimental health effects on them, so its important to ensure that your hands are washed and the treated area is covered at all times to avoid skin to skin contact.

natural t-boosters

Natural Testosterone Boosters

There are many foods, vitamins, herbs and minerals that have been show to boost natural testosterone production. 

These can include, oily fish such as Tuna, Garlic, Eggs, Lean red meats and Oysters. 

Vitamins such as Vitamin D3, B6 alongside minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc and Boron.

Other compounds to look out for are Fenugreek, D-aspartic acid, Ginseng, Luteolin and Ashwagandha

Some are found in food stuffs, others are best taken by supplementation.

A good natural testosterone boosting supplement will contain a sensible mix of these and other proven testosterone boosting ingredients. 

They work in a different way to drug based TRT, instead of putting foreign synthetic testosterone into your body, they work by encouraging your body to produce more of its own natural hormone. 

In doing so, because it’s your own genetic testosterone, your body will not react badly to it, instead you will simply enjoy the benefits that increased testosterone production can bring.

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

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