How To Boost Erections And Libido Naturally

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2019)

Forget Viagra : The Natural Way To Improve Your Erections And Libido

erection problems

If you are a man of a certain age, you will know only too well that getting older isn’t much fun. 

For many of us the natural decline in our most male of all hormones – Testosterone, brings with it some unwelcome side effects that include a dramatic drop in our libido and the ability to get and keep strong erections.

When we do try to have sex, many of us in our 50’s find that our erections are not what they used to be. Instead of being solid, powerful and strong, we now find that our erections can be weak, short lasting and in some cases non existent.

This throws up its own issues, while our partners can be very understanding, its what it does to us in our own heads that compounds the problem – feelings of frustration, worthlessness, and embarrassment are all too common. It can actually break a relationship if left unchecked.

Fact – Did you know that in the US alone, there are some 30 million men who are suffering with erection problems?.

While we cannot stop the ageing process, and in particular the downturn in our testosterone production, we can breathe slightly better in knowing that science has made some huge strides in both the understanding of why it happens and also how to treat the problem.

The Erection Process

the erection process

We have all experienced erections since we hit puberty, but most of us have never really learnt or understood the process behind them.

The penis has two large chambers that run the full length of it, made from a maze of spongy tissues called the corpora cavernosa. 

When we are experiencing sexual stimulation, messages are sent from the brain to the nerves in the penis and start to stimulate it, in response the blood vessels within the corpora cavernosa relax and start to allow blood to flow into the chambers filling the open spaces. 

As the blood pressure builds within the corpora cavernosa, the penis expands to accommodate the increased blood supply to create the erection.

Once full with blood a membrane in the base of the penis called the tunica albuginea traps the blood in the penis, sustaining the erection.

The erection reduces once ejaculation has taken place, the muscles in the penis contract once again and release the blood trapped in the penis.

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Why Do We Experience Difficulties Getting Erections (ED)?

erection dysfunction

There are a number of reasons, for some men (especially younger men) it can be as simple as too much alcohol, fatigue or anxiety or nerves when sleeping with a new partner for the first time.

These aside, there are three medical reasons why erectile dysfunction occurs.

  • The brain is not sending the right signals to the penis – Some neurological diseases can cause ED because they disrupt the brains ability to signal sexual arousal to the sex organs – these can include Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons and Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Erectile tissue is damaged – Either from injury, can also occur as a result of radiation treatment for certain cancers such as bladder or prostate
  • Weak Blood Flow – the most common cause, can be attributed to certain metabolic diseases including high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure. With poor blood flow, erections are weak at best and sometimes short lived.

Treating Erection Problems

In the case of the most common reason, blood flow, the answer is to boost the amount of blood flowing into the penis.

Most common ED drugs work in this way. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are just 3 of the most common.

They work by boosting the levels of a compound called Nitric oxide in the body, this has the ability to relax the blood vessels in the penis, thus allowing blood to flow more easily, which results in improved erection strength and power.

Although highly effective, these drugs need to be prescribed by a doctor after a consultation and examination. 

Furthermore they are not suitable for all men and have been linked to some quite unpleasant side effects. 

Users have experienced

  • Headaches
  • Disturbed vision – colour changes and blurriness 
  • Flushing
  • Stomach Upset
  • Nausea
  • Muscle Pain
  • Runny Nose.

Natural Alternatives To Viagra

Fortunately nature has been very kind to us and has provided us with some natural herbal and plant extracts that work in similar way to these prescription drugs. 

So if you don’t  really fancy the embarrassment of going to the doctors or risk experiencing the side effects associated with drug based treatments, you do have other viable options…

Here are some of the most effective natural compounds used to boost libido and erection power.

Maca Root

maca root

South American Root extract that is hugely popular in traditional medicines. Studies have shown that it is an effective aphrodisiac, it also has a known ability to boost semen volume and the general quality of sperm.  It is very high in minerals such as Iron, magnesium, calcium and selenium – all essential libido boosting agents.



One of the most widely used of all herbal extracts, famed for its ability to help boost energy, reduce bad cholesterol, improve blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure as well as improve memory and focus. Its little wonder that it appears in so many supplements.



An essential mineral that has been proven in countless studies to provide a boost to testosterone levels, improving fertility and sexual responses. Known be effective in men of all ages, regardless of how active they are.



If there is just one supplement that you take it surely must be ZINC. an essential mineral, that really should feature in every mans daily supplement regime once you hit 45 and over. Proven to boost fertility, sexual response, and testosterone production. Look for the ‘citrate’ form for best results.



Commonly called Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha has been used for centuries to boost libido, and give testosterone production a welcome boost. 

Its other properties including the regulating of blood pressure, reducing cellular inflammation as well as lighting the fire under a stagnant libido.

if even a choice, look for a supplement that uses the KSM-66 Form for best results

Horny Goat Weed

horny goat weed

Legendary extract with solid clinical backing behind it. The story goes that ancient goat herders noticed that their goats become more sexually active after eating the leaves of this plant. 

Science has shown that it works by reducing the effects of the enzyme that restricts blood flow. This is exactly what many of the prescription erection drugs do.

l-citrulline malate


A naturally occurring amino acid commonly fund in water melon as well as other fruits. It converts itself into arginine when taken in supplement form. Arginine is responsible for increasing natural levels of nitric oxide, which in turn relaxes and widens blood vessels, allowing for increased blood flow , boosting erection strength and longevity.



Commonly referred to as ‘natural Viagra’ for its amazing ability to boost nitric oxide levels, and increase blood flow to the penis. 

High in vitamin C and L-Citrulline malate, which both help boost blood flow and regulate good general health. It can also help reduce cancer of the prostate and regulate blood pressure.



Another famed herbal extract known for its proven ability to increase testosterone production, enhancing sexual responses, erection strength and fertility.

Tribulus Terrestris


tribulus libido booster

Probably the best known natural libido enhancing ingredient of all. 

Found in numerous male products. Known for its ability to control blood pressure and blood sugar levels, both highly detrimental to testosterone production if left unchecked.

Studies have also show that it can improve erection strength in men and sexual desire in both sexes

Tribulus does not however have any direct testosterone boosting effects, so if you are looking to boost testosterone for any other reason (ie building muscle) its not one to rely on.

“Choosing An Erection Supplement Can Be A Real Minefield”

Recommended Erection Boosting Supplements

There are literally thousands of erection products out there, all making various claims about how they can transform your sex life, boost erections and supercharge your libido. 

The sad facts are that while there are good products out there, there are many that use weak or poor constructed formulas that quite simply do not live up to their promises or claims.

I have studied, reviewed and personally tried many of these products and from my in-depth research have compiled this list of the products that I know deliver on their claims. 

All use fully disclosed formulas, they have solid user feedback behind them and also provide a cash back guarantee that assures you of a refund should after taking as directed, you be unhappy with the results.


The Perfect Alternative To Viagra : Natural And Effective

viasil erection pill

Viasil is an all natural erection pill made by reputable supplements makers Swiss Research Labs. It is a powerful and natural alternative to prescription drugs like Cialis,and Viagra

Its scientifically developed formula helps men to achieve harder, longer lasting erections by tackling the most common cause of ED – that is reduced blood flow to the penis.

How Does Viasil Work

Blood flow and performance are controlled by two energy systems in the body, these are called ADP and ATP. 

Together they regulate blood flow throughout the body, making sure that sufficient oxygen and key nutrients get to the cells and muscles, providing energy, and ensuring that blood flow is at its peak. 

They enhance the natural levels of nitric oxide in the body, which in turn relaxes and dilates the blood vessels, allowing for a greater flow of blood to pass into the penis. This generates a powerful erection that is one lasting.

The Formula In Viasil

viasil formula

The makers have put together 7 of the most effective erection boosting ingredients known to man. Each one has solid clinical evidence of its ability to enhance erections and give sexual desire and performance a welcome boost.

The makers have fully disclosed each and every ingredient and also detail how much of each is found in each serving ( something that many unscrupulous makers fail to do)

Each serving delivers the following:

  • Zinc 1.5mg
  • Pomegranate and Citrus Sinensis (Actiful®) 700mg
  • Horny Goat Weed 1000mg
  • Gingko Biloba 240mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 300mg
  • Panax Ginseng 400mg
  • Zinc 1.5mg

How To Take Viasil

The directions are quite simple, take one of the blue capsules 30 minutes before sexual activity, always take with a large glass of water to ease and speed absorption.

The effects are generally fast to take effect.

viasil box

My Own Experiences With Viasil

I was prompted to look into these kinds of pills after I started to experience occasional periods of ED myself. It didn’t happen all the time, but more often than not, I was in the mood, and ‘my man down stairs’ wasn’t playing ball..

This was the frustrating part for me, i wanted sex and simply couldn’t deliver, which as you can imagine made me feel terrible.

My wife was really understanding, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I can completely understand how and why some men get really depressed and truly desperate when it happens to them.

After doing some research, I discovered Viasil and set out to give it a try. I ordered a box of 10 capsules and with trepidation, i gave it a try. 

I took one capsule with water and waited for it to take effect.. 

All I can say is WOW!! after about 20 minutes I started feeling tingling sensation ‘down there’ and soon after I had a seriously hard erection.

The sex was amazing, it was like I had turned the clock back 20 years..

To make sure it wasn’t a fluke or a placebo effect I have now completed the full box 🙂 and on every occasion the results have been amazing. 

So much so that I have just ordered another 3 boxes.

What Do Other Users Say About Viasil?

Independent feedback isn’t that easy to come by, lets face it, what man would really want to talk about their failures in the bedroom.

Fortunately there are a few men who are happy to discuss their issues and all have reported good things from the use of Viasil, with improve erections, better performance and enhanced orgasms all being reported. 

Their sex lives have been transformed, and they have a renewed confidence about their ability between the sheets.

Sample testimonials courtesy of the official Viasil Website

viasil testimonials

Buying Viasil

You do not need an embarrassing doctors prescription to get Viasil, you can buy securely and discreetly from the official website. (

A box containing 10 capsules will cost you $74.99.

You can save money and get FREE worldwide shipping by ordering 3 boxes. this will cost you $149.99

You can choose to pay in your preferred currency by selecting from the drop down box at the top of the website – options available include £, CAD, AUD, $ and €.

viasil website

Official Cash Back Guarantee

The Makers provide a 60 day cash back guarantee. To qualify for a refund simply take Viasil as directed and if it doesn’t work for you then return the empty box for a full refund ( see Viasil website for full T&C’s)

Final Thoughts On Viasil

An excellent product, it worked for me really well, it was easy to take and I didn’t experience any ill effects. 

If you have low testosterone and are experiencing ED – wether its a regular problem or it happens just occasionally, have a box of Viasil in your bathroom cabinet, you will not regret it!

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Max Performer

Top Selling Libido Booster From The UK

max performer review

Max Performer is an all encompassing erection and libido booster, made by UK based Silver Blade Nutrition.

Available worldwide directly from the manufacturer, it promises to help any man suffering from erection problems and a lack lustre libido.

How Does Max Performer Work

It follows the lead of Viasil by promoting the release of nitric oxide into the body which in turn relaxes and dilates the blood vessels. This allows for more blood to flow into the corpova cavernosa, generating larger, firmer erections that last.

It also contains ingredients that help boost fertility and semen production.

Max Performer is not a viagra substitute, in that it is not taken just when sexual activity is expected. 

Instead it is a daily supplement that helps to nurture and build the bodies responses to sexual stimulation, meaning that when the time comes, you are naturally ready, willing and ABLE to perform without having to rush and take a pill.

Whats In The Formula Of Max Performer

max performer ingredients

Each serving of Max performer is packed with scientifically proven natural ingredients that boost libido, sexual performance and erection power, the makers fully disclose whats in the mix.

Each serving includes:

  • Horny Goat Weed 1000mg
  • Maca 1000mg
  • Red Ginseng 1000mg
  • Cordyceps 1000mg
  • Selenium 120mg
  • Zinc 24mg
  • Pantothenic Acid 40mg
  • Pyridoxine HCL 10mg
  • Iron 14mg
  • Niacin 32mg
  • Riboflavin 10mg
  • Cyanobalamin 10mg

How To Take Max Performer

The Daily serving is 2 capsules taken with a glass of water

My Personal Experiences With Max Performer

I tried this supplement a few months back, I had been experiencing a bit of downturn in my libido and erection power.  

I had heard about Max Performer from a friend and ordered a 30 day supply to try out.

The blue capsules are a mid size, I personally had no problem swallowing them, and they dd not cause any of the repeats or aftertaste that you can get with some supplements.

Max performer is not an instant erection booster like Viasil, and as such it took about a week before I noticed much difference. 

That said, after about 6-7 days I started to wake up with ‘morning wood’ once again (I hadn’t done that for a while), and when the time came to perform I found that erections came quite easily and they certainly did last plenty long enough.

To sum up my one findings, Max Performer is a solid libido enhancer who’s effects build and build. Its not an instant fix like Viasil could be, its more long term in its effects and benefits.

What Do Other Users Say About Max Performer?

Feedback from other users across the world is all encouraging, there is hardly a bad world to be said, with the majority of users all reporting improvements in erection power, and overall sexual performance. 

Orgasm intensity has been improved and overall it delivers a more enjoyable experience for both parties.

In a nut shell – Max Performer Delivers The Goods !!

Sample testimonials courtesy of official max performer website:

max performer testimonials

Does Max Performer Cause Any Side Effects?

There have been no reports of any adverse side effects coming from the use of Max Performer.

Where Can I Buy Max Performer

You can buy directly from the official website ( The makers ship wordwide, with all orders being sent out in plain unmarked packaging for your complete privacy and peace of mind.

There are 4 bundles available, basically the more you buy, the more you save:

  • 1 box (30 days supply) $59.00
  • 3 boxes (90 days) $138.00
  • 6 Boxes (180 days) $200.00
  • 132 boxes (360 days) $360.00

max performer website

Lengthy Cash Back Guarantee

The makers of Max Performer provide what is the longest cash back guarantee of any erection pill that I have reviewed, buyers have 90 days to take and evaluate the product, and if unhappy with the results, return the empty boxes within another 10 days for a full refund.

This highlights the makers desire for customer satisfaction as well as their complete confidence in their product.

My Final Thoughts On Max Performer

There are so many erection pills out there, its really hard to choose one that works. The key to success is finding a manufacturer who has researched the subject and have based their formula on solid clinical results and not heresay or traditional beliefs and ‘mumbo jumbo’.

Max Performer is a solid, libido enhancer that works to improve your overall sexual performance over time, it is not a quick fix,  one off erection pill like Viasil. 

Instead its meant to be taken daily, and as its effects build its clear that it really delivers on its claims and promises.

Bottom Line – if you are looking for a long term fix to your erection and libido problems then Max Performer is the one for you!

Click Here To Go To Official Max Performer Website 

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended in any way to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.