How To Check Your Testosterone Levels

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

How To Check Your Testosterone Levels

How can you ever know if your testosterone levels are where they should be, or if you are at risk of developing low Testosterone?

“A blood test is the simplest way”

Keeping an eye on your testosterone levels is essential for all men. 

You could be full of energy and all muscular one minute, and then suddenly you could start feeling lethargic and weak, with no motivation or ‘get up and go’.

If you ever start feeling like that, its time to check your testosterone levels, with Low T being responsible for all sorts of health and lifestyle problems, its important that you are aware of, and treat any changes quickly.

This article tell you:

  • The importance of testosterone
  • How you can check your t-levels
  • The signs of low testosterone.

What Makes Testosterone So Important

testosterone levels

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, and its not without good reason.

Released from the leidig cells in the testes, it is an anabolic (or steroid) hormone. It is responsible for a number of roles in the male body. These include:

  • Development of male characteristics (deep voice, body hair, dominance, assertiveness)
  • The development and maintenance of lean muscle mass and strength
  • Ensuring low levels of body fat
  • Reduced risks of diabetes, heart problems and other serious conditions.
  • Sex drive, fertility and performance.

From puberty through our twenties and into our early thirties, our testosterone levels are usually upwards of 300ng.dl with upper levels being in the region of 1000ng.dl

During this time, we are fit, strong, have energy in bucket loads, are very sexually active and have supreme confidence.

From mid the mid thirties, out natural T levels start to reduce, experts tell us that the decline is on average 1-2% per year.

This Is When The Problems Can Start

Testosterone decline is a part of the natural ageing process. unless you can do something about it, you will start to experience some of the side effects linked to reduced testosterone.

If you testosterone levels drop below 300ng.dl, you are likely to start experiencing some these problems:

  • Lost libido, weak erections
  • Reduced strength and muscle mass
  • Increased body fat, particularly in the belly area
  • Loss of stamina and energy
  • Reduced sleep and poor moods
  • You will also have a higher risk of developing certain diseases and possible even early death.

This is why knowing your testosterone levels is so important. 

And testing is the only sure are way. DO NOT GUESS – TEST!!!

‘Point To Note – Testosterone is the Main Male Hormone That Regulates Your Health And Physical Performance’

Ask Your Doctor To Check Your Hormone Levels

testosterone blood tests

If you feel that your testosterone levels are not what they should be, then your first port of all should be your doctor. 

They will usually suggest a blood test ( they are most accurate when done in the morning). Its  simple and relatively painless procedure, and it will give you a real idea of where your testosterone levels are.

Once taken the blood is sent to a lab for testing, results are usually back within a few days.

If your T-levels are 300ng.dl or above, then your testosterone production is considered to be normal, below that reading, you need to try and increase your hormone levels as you are technically suffering with low T.


Blood test results do vary from man to man, there are some men who function quite well on testosterone levels that are lower than 300ng.dl.

On the flip side there are also men who do not function that well even when levels are higher.

So blood test results are a really good guide, and are extremely accurate too, BUT you do need to also take into account how you are feeling too alongside the results.

If you are feeling lethargic, drained and physically weak with a poor or non existent libido then you almost certainly do have low testosterone.

Checking Your Testosterone Levels At Home

Lets face it, not many men like going to the doctors, and some of us hate needles so the thought of a blood test fills us with dread.

Now although a blood test is probably the most accurate, you can in fact check your testosterone levels at home.

at home blood test for testosterone

There are companies that offer an ‘at home blood test’ now these might suit some, but if you really don’t like the thought of pricking your finger to get blood, you also have another option.

Saliva tests are available, now although these can be a great and simple way to get your T levels tested. They are however, not considered to be as accurate as blood tests.

Checking Your T-Levels Without Any Blood Tests

Problems In The Bedroom

low testosterone levels erection problems

A sure fire way of knowing that something is wrong is in the bedroom. If you cannot get your ‘man’ to stand to attention when you need him to, then something is wrong. 

A ‘one off’ case of erectile dysfunction could be down to a whole lot of reasons, anxiety, stress, alcohol or simply nerves, especially off you are with a new partner. 

but if it becomes the ‘norm’ then it’s a clear sign that something is possibly wrong with your testosterone levels. 

After all it is the driving force behind your sex drive and performance

Increased Belly Fat

If you are eating well, and exercising and still find that you are getting larger around the midriff, then your testosterone levels could be down. 

Fat stores contain the aromatase enzyme which is responsible for turning testosterone into Estrogen. 

This in turn is responsible for increasing fat stores in the body.

Because of this, any increase in belly fat will in turn lead to less testosterone in the body. It’s actually a hormonal circle of events that if allowed to take hold, is very hard to break.

The same applies if you find that your muscles are getting softer, smaller or are not as strong.

Testosterone helps to maintain muscle mass, by increasing protein synthesis in the body, any drop in levels reduces this process, meaning that you lose muscle tone and strength.

You Have No Energy

low T fatigue

A lack of energy can be a surefire way of identifying low T, particularly if you have always been an active guy  bursting with vigour and vitality. 

Testosterone helps to covert the food in your diet into usable energy, any decrease in its production will reduce its energy producing capability.

You Are Moody Or Anxious

A massive warning sign is a change in mood. If you start to feel anxious, depressed or just simply ‘down’ then you should get your testosterone levels checked.


Testosterone has many different effects on the body, any of these can be disrupted or reduced if your testosterone levels drop. 

If you are suffering any of the side effects listed in this article, then go see your doctor, get your blood tested.

Once you know the situation, then you can look into the different ways of treating the problem. – Be it diet, exercise or a good testosterone boosting supplement.

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