How To Reduce The Effects Of SHBG

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2020)

9 Ways To Reduce SHBG And Free Up More Testosterone

The majority of all testosterone found in our bodies is tied (or bound) to one of two different proteins. These are Albumin and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin ( SHBG ). 

shbg bound testosterone

The testosterone that is bound is actually rendered inert, it is unavailable to our androgen receptors and therefore cannot pass on its beneficial effects

We also have Free Testosterone, which isn’t bound to any proteins.

It is flowing through our veins and is available to body to increase and sustain our muscularity, sex drive and lets face it, our ‘manliness’.

Free testosterone is the most important kind.

But with only 2% on average of our total testosterone being ‘free’ its important to try and release more from the clutches of these proteins. 

SHBG is the the main culprit here, (albumin is only responsible for a small fraction of bound testosterone).

This article focuses on how to reduce the effects of SHBG and releasing more of your testosterone so it can do what it knowns best – improving strength, libido, muscle mass and performance.

Some of the things that you can do are simply lifestyle changes. I also suggest particular vitamins and minerals that you could take, as these are scientifically proven to help reduce SHBG and free up more testosterone.

Increase Your Carbohydrate Intake

good carbs

It used to be believed that a low carb diet would help boost testosterone.

If you think about it, it makes sense as the insulin that is released when we eat, and sugar have always been considered to bad for testosterone production.

(Studies have however shown that this fact is incorrect).

It is high carb diets that have actually been proven to increases testosterone production while at the same time reduce both cortisol, estrogen and SHBG.

Bottom line, eating a well balanced diet with a moderate amount of good carbs will enhance your testosterone levels and reduce the effects of SHBG

Take Boron

boron t-booster

Boron is a trace mineral, found in small amounts in some foods. It is crucial to the optimum running of our endocrine system. 

Studies have showed just how crucial Boron is to our testosterone/SHBG balance.

One study showed that taking just 10mg of boron daily for just 7 days increase free testosterone by 28%. The levels of SHBG was reduced considerably which no doubt accounted to some of the increase

Another study saw men taking 6mg of boron daily for a longer period of 60 days. The reduction in SHBG was significant along with a 29.5% increase in free testosterone.

Don’t Worry So Much About About Fibre

high fibre diet

Despite what all the food manufacturers tell us along with government health authorities.

There is no scientific evidence that we need as much fibre as they tell us. 

Sure its beneficial for helping us to keep a healthy digestive system.


“Its a fact that high fibre diets are known to reduce testosterone and increase the amount of SHBG in our blood. “

This releases endotoxin from the gut lining, which in turn raises seratonin, reduces dopamine and cuts testosterone production.

So by all means eat fibre, just don’t overdo it….

Get More Vitamin D3

d-aspartic acid testosterone

Often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D3 is a truly amazing and crucial vitamin. It has amazing benefits to our cardiovascular system, bone health and immune system.

With many of us not getting enough regular exposure to the sun, it usually requires supplementation to ensure that we get enough on a daily basis.

Vitamin D3 is not actually a vitamin. It is a steroid hormone that regulates over a 1000 bodily processes.

One of the most crucial aspects of its effects is just how it increases testosterone production and reduces SHBG. 

Studies have shown that a daily serving of 3332iu is enough to significantly lower SHBG and boost Free Testosterone

“A good t-boosting supplement will deliver the minimum amount required to boost T and lower SHBG).”

Check Your Other Medication

prescription drugs shbg

There are a large number of prescription drugs that can increase SHBG levels, reducing levels of free testosterone even further.

These can include certain Hair loss drugs, Statins, Beta Blockers, Antidepressants and Antifungla medications.

If you are on any of these, it might be worth discussing with your doctor to see if there are other alternatives.

Reduce Estrogen

estrogen and shbg

High levels of testosterone are known to reduce SHBG in its own right. Especially as we get older, the female hormone estrogen can take a stronger foothold in our blood stream. 

This can also reduce testosterone levels, allowing for more SHBG to become present in our bodies.

The key is to reduce estrogen levels, this can be done by tackling the aromatase process (where testosterone is converted into estrogen). 

This will not only boost testosterone, but significantly reduce SHBG too. 

Other effective ingredients known to help reduce SHBG and Estrogen include Stinging Nettle Extract

Boost Your Magnesium Levels

magnesium testosterone booster

Magnesium is one of life’s crucial elements. It is absolutely essential for the human body, regulating hundreds of enzymes and other processes.

We are all generally deficient in magnesium and boosting it in our body has been proven in many studies to free up more testosterone and reducing SHBG.

This study demonstrated that 1g of magnesium per day managed to boost testosterone by 24% when taken alongside regular exercise

Another study  looked at the health and blood hormone levels of over 400 older men.

It was discovered that those with higher magnesium levels had dramatically lower SHBG readings plus higher free testosterone

“Note – Magnesium is a cornerstone ingredient in many natural T-boosters”

Cut Down On The Alcohol

alcohol and shbg

Drinking to excess has well known health problems.

It helps to push up levels of estrogen (the death sentence for testosterone production) and the stress hormone cortisol.

This reduces testosterone levels, sperm quality and can actually shrink your testicles.

Binge drinking in particular effects the P45 enzyme system in the liver, which can in turn cause levels of SHBG to skyrocket.

Boost Zinc Intake

zinc citrate

Alongside Magnesium, Zinc is one of the must have minerals for optimum endocrine health.

There are many studies out there that demonstrate not just its ability to boost testosterone and enhance fertility. It can also reduce the levels of SHBG.

Here is a couple of examples:

Study 1

Study 2


The effects of SHBG can be really detrimental to your anabolic health. 

By following these hints and tips you can reduce its levels and allow greater amounts of free testosterone to flow through your veins.

You can reap the benefits in not just improved health, but your lifestyle, moods and and overall well being

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