Low Testosterone Treatment Options

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

Low Testosterone Treatment Options

How Can You Reverse Your Low Testosterone?

Right, you have been through the questionnaire, possibly had the blood test and now know for sure that you are experiencing Low T.

What low testosterone treatment options are available to you?

Depending on the severity of the shortfall, your doctor will no doubt offer you one or two options.

Here we explore the various treatment options open to you.

Prescription Based Low Testosterone Treatment (TRT)

If you have gone though the process with your doctor, and after a consultation and blood tests have discovered that you are experiencing Low Testosterone production, he/she will probably recommend one form of drug based, synthetic testosterone replacement therapy.

These can take various forms:

Testosterone Injections

testosteroen injections

A common form of testosterone treatment, and usually the most costly.

Synthetic man made testosterone is injected into the muscle by your doctor.

It is passed transdermally through the muscle tissues and into the blood stream.

Injection therapy requires a great deal of monitoring to ensure that your hormone levels are rising to the correct level.

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Testosterone Patches

testosterone patches benefits and risks

One of the most common forms of treatment.

A sticking plaster impregnated with synthetic hormone is applied to the skin.

Here it is passed through the skin, and eventually into the bloodstream where it gets to work.

Patches require regular changing to maintain the correct levels of testosterone in the blood.

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Testosterone Gels

testosterone gel risks

Another common form of TRT, but also one of the most controversial.

These topical gels contain testosterone, which is rubbed into the skin, where it passes through into the blood stream.

In the US there have been hundreds of lawsuits from users of Testosterone gels who claim that the product caused them to have heart attacks.

A side effect that they claim the makers knew of, but failed to disclose.

Not without risks to others too. Passing of the gel by skin to skin contact can cause female partners and children suffer some quite unpleasant side effects.

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Testosterone Pellets

testosterone pellets

The most invasive of all testosterone treatments. Pellets are small hard pills impregnated with varying doses of testosterone that are placed under the skin in a surgical procedure.

These break down slowly, and as they do, they release the hormone into the bloodstream.

They do have benefits in that the user does not have to remember to apply gels or cream, or take pills each day. But if something goes wrong or the dose needs to be changed, pellets will need to be surgically removed.

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Testosterone Creams

tube of testosterone cream


Similar in action and application to gels, and with the same risks to others. Testosterone creams are another topical alternative. Not the most popular method amongst doctors.

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Testosterone Pills

testosterone pills

Quite expensive these days, if topical applications aren’t really suitable. A doctor could prescribe testosterone pills in one form or another. 

There are the regular pills that you swallow.

There are also the ones that are held in the mouth (under the tongue or between the lips and the gum) where they melt, passing the synthetic testosterone into the blood stream.

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Health Risks – The Common Denominator

The one thing about all of the above treatments is that they are all prone to some side effects. With a few that can be quite nasty and very detrimental to your health.

The reason for this is the fact that the man made or synthetic testosterone provided in these drug based products is actually alien to the body’s genetic or hormonal makeup. 

As such the body doesn’t always react in positive way to them (rather like a body rejecting a transplanted organ). This can cause some quite unpleasant side effects.

This is one of the reasons why hundreds of men in the US are currently seeking damages from several manufacturers.

They claim that their products caused heart problems, and other issues such as strokes and high blood pressure.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

natural testosterone boosters

With all the bad press and concerns over drug based testosterone therapy.

More and more men worldwide are turning to natural alternatives to boost their flagging hormone levels.

Unlike drug based therapies, a good natural testosterone booster is formulated with clinically proven ingredients that encourages the body to increase production of its own genetically balanced hormone.  

This testosterone being produced is completely natural and genetically matched to the body.

There are very slim risks of any reactions or side effects, with the man simply enjoying the benefits associated with his regained youth and vitality.

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