Lower Your Estrogen Levels Fast

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2019)

How To Lower Your Estrogen Levels Fast

There are lots of reasons people may need to lower their estrogen levels. When a woman has too much estrogen in her body it can lead to mood swings and sore, painful breasts. 

Men who have high estrogen may find they have started to sport a pretty impressive pair of man boobs, have grown a huge belly or have fallen victim to erectile dysfunction.

excess estrogen in men

Estrogen is the enemy of testosterone production, and its absolutely crucial for men to minimise their production of this most female of all hormones.

However, for whatever reason, once the need is there, afflicted men and women may have an urgent need to lower their estrogen fast. 

Fortunately, there are a number of steps anyone can take that can bring this unruly hormone back down to a more acceptable level.

Switch to Organic Food

Have you ever heard that old saying, “You are what you eat?”? There a lot of truth to that. 

Cows that have been reared on farms that use conventional methods are often fed estrogenic drugs because they help fatten the cows up for market more quickly and increase milk production. 

dairy products and estrogen

This can result in higher levels of the hormone being present in the flesh of butchered animals and, of course, in their milk and in any products that are subsequently produced from it, including cheese and yoghurt.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables can also be a good way to lower estrogen levels. 

Spices such as Turmeric have some proven Estrogen reducing benefits.

The same can be said for other organically produced crops because the pesticides that are sometimes utilized on conventional farms can play havoc with your hormone levels.

Start Eating More Fiber

Eating a high-fiber diet is good for gastrointestinal health and, believe it or not, it can lower your estrogen levels too. 

When gastrointestinal health is poor, it inhibits estrogen secretion and may even cause any estrogen that is present in the digestive system to be reabsorbed. 

High-fiber foods, such as flax seeds and wheat bran, have the ability to bind the hormone and carry it out of the body in the faeces. 

flax seeds lower estrogen

Dietary fiber also reduces levels of an enzyme called B-glucouronidase that can free bound estrogen before it has chance to exit the digestive organs and, once freed, it can be reabsorbed.

Avoid Eating Processed or Canned Food

Processed foods are best avoided because they contain preservatives and dyes that are also xenoestrogens. 

Although not a genuine hormone,  xenoestrogens mimic the ability of true estrogen. 

The problem with canned food is the lining of the can is often coated with a substance known as BPA. 

It stops the cans from corroding inside, but it’s more trouble than its worth because it’s a xenoestrogen. Apart from mucking-up peoples estrogen levels, BPA has also been linked to cancer, male infertility, endometriosis, and birth defects.

Switch to a Life with Less Plastic

plastic and estrogen

The presence of BPA and other xenoestrogens is not restricted to processed and canned food. 

They’re all around us and, if you see something made of plastic, you’re looking at a primary offender. So disposable plastic cutlery is a big no-no, as are those microwave-friendly tubs you’ve may have sitting in your fridge, filled with food. 

Plastic cups and beakers are every bit as bad and, let’s not forget all those plastic sandwich bags. If you are truly focused on finding a way to lower your female hormone levels, all of those things will have to go. 

Non-Stick Pans are Bad 

Those damned xenoestrogens are everywhere. Even lurking in the non-stick pans many of us use to cook our food. 

Sure, they’re nice and easy to clean, but everything has its price.  Ceramic-coated pots and pans are a much better option, as are ones that are made from cast iron or steel.

Say No to Soy

soy and estrogen

This one’s going to come as a shocker if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, but all that protein-rich soy that can be so great for replacing meat products contains a plant-based estrogen that can throw your hormone levels to cock.

Choose Healthier Laundry Products

A lot of fabric softeners and other laundry products are filled with petrochemicals that may act as xenoestrogens, so using them has the potential to make your clothes start doing crazy things with your estrogen levels.  

Generally speaking, when it comes to laundry products, those that contain only natural compounds are the ones to look out for, but the chances are you won’t find them sitting on too many supermarket shelves.

Get More Exercise

can exercise reduce estrogen

Exercise lowers estrogen levels. That’s not just some lame theory put forward by a bored egg-head with nothing better to do. 

It’s a scientifically proven fact. In 2011, researchers conducted a study involving a group of pre-menopausal women.

 The women completed 300 minutes of aerobic exercise per week and the activity was shown to lower their estrogen levels by just under 19%.

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Final Thoughts

Most of the best ways to lower estrogen levels involve avoiding the foods and other items that may push estrogen levels up in the first place. 

That means some lifestyle changes will have to be involved.  Apart from that, the only other options are to use an anti aromatase (estrogen-lowering) supplement (many good testosterone boosters contain anti estrogen ingredients) or to ask your doctor to prescribe some estrogen-lowering medication. 

However, if this article has a key message, that message is prevention is better than cure. 


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