Mondia Whitei : Can It Really Boost Testosterone?

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2020)

Mondia Whitei : Can It Really Boost Testosterone?

I am always on the look out for exciting new testosterone boosting ingredients, and today I want to tell you about one that is definitely starting to make waves in the supplement industry

Called Mondia Whitei, it is an all natural plant extract that has a history in tribal cultures for its ability to boost fertility, libido and testosterone.

mondia whitei t-booster

In this article I tell you more about the ingredient itself, its reported effects and benefits as well as details on numerous clinical studies that confirm its effects.

About Mondia Whitei

Mondia Whitei is a naturally occurring plant largely found in tropical parts of Africa. It belongs to the periplocacea genus, it is a woody climbing plant with red/white flowers and a solid tuberous root stock. It can also be identified with different names, one common one is Mulondo, another is Gondolosi.

Its use dates back hundreds if not thousands of years, tribal African men have used it to treat and boost libido, fertility, and erectile dysfunction as well as provide a remedy for problems such as headaches, and jaundice.

Until recently it was rather unknown to the western world, but recent clinical studies have now brought it to the attention of supplement specialists. 

It is actually one of only a small number of natural extracts that has absolute solid evidence behind it confirming  its ability to act as an aphrodisiac.

Most extracts are taken from the roots, but the entire plant can be used for the treatment of diarrhea, it can it also known for the aqueous extract of the plant to be drank both as an aphrodisiac and energy booster.

Aphrodisiacs tend to work in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. They Either Boost Libido
  2. Improve Sperm Function
  3. Increase The Potency Of Erections

A Little Bit More About These Functions:

Boosting Libido

Aphrodisiac products that improve libido tend to do so by acting on the central nervous system, they can either alter various neurotransmitters or increase production of certain sex hormones (testosterone in particular).

They are generally effected in both sexes, but because the effects are largely dependant on the increases in testosterone its effect are certainly more noticeable in men.

Studies carried out on Laboratory Rats have demonstrated that supplementing with Mondia Whitei produces significant increases in serum testosterone and testicular testosterone levels. It also increases testicular size and sperm motility. These effects could not occur without increase in testosterone levels.

These studies absolutely confirm the ability of Mondia Whitei to increase testosterone substantially.

boost libido with mondia whitei

Sperm Function

The ability of Mondia Whitei to act as an aphrodisiac and T-booster is well documented and supposed by clinical evidence. It increases libido by improving the flow of blood into the penis chambers (corpus carvernosum) increasing the power and rigidity of erections.

It boosts sperm motility, increasing fertility and has also been proven to treat asthenozoospermia and erectile dysfunction

Potency Of Erections

For an aphrodisiac product to boost erection potency it has to basically boost vasodilation – that is the relaxing of the blood vessels in the penile tissue, allowing for improved blood to flow into the chambers (Corpus cavernosum) where they fill with blood to swell and provide a solid erection. The prescription drug Viagra (Sildenafil) works in similar way.

The downside with drugs such as Viagra is that for some men it can be harmful, it has been linked to causing cardiovascular problems, it can bring on headaches, and can also affect vision, causing blurriness and sometimes a condition called blue vision.

Mondia Whitei has been proven to reproduce the viagra type effects but without the side effects. It relaxes the tissues in the corpus cavernosum boosting blood flow and stopping tissue contraction which can be a major cause of weak or non existent erections

Taking Mondia Whitei In Supplement Form

mondia whitei supplement

There are a few forward thinking supplement manufacturers who have recognised the proven potential and effectiveness of this ingredient and who have manufactured it in supplement form.

One company who have led the field and who have made a top class, completely pure Mondia Whitei supplement is US based Timeless Botanicals. Using just a pure unaltered extract with no fillers, or additives, its a superb supplement and one that is attracting an increasing number of users.


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