Muscle Hypertrophy and Testosterone

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

Muscle Hypertrophy and Testosterone

Muscle Hypertrophy is the natural phenomenon responsible for the growth and development of our muscle mass. 

The fibres in our muscles are the most adaptable tissues in our entire body.

As our muscle cells are placed under increasing loads certain cellular adaptations take place. Hypertrophy is the increase in mass and cross section area of a muscle.

It is directly proportionate to the introduction of increased force.

full body hypertrophy workout

In simple terms, when placed under force, the contractile proteins in each muscle fibre increase in size and number, leading to the individual fibres to grow in size.

Collectively this leads to increases in overall muscle mass.

The Actual Science Of Muscle Hypertrophy

When we exercise with weights our muscle fibres are placed under stress and experience trauma.

This disruption causes dormant satellite cells found on the outside of our muscle cells to be activated. 

Once activated these cells multiply, producing new cells which are send towards the scene of the trauma. 

They attach themselves to the muscle fibres with the aim of repairing and regenerating the said fibres.

This process does not create new muscle fibres.

What its does do is help boost the size and number of the contractile proteins (actin and myosin) within the fibre strands.

As these strands become thicker and increase in their numbers the muscle fibres themselves enlarge which then increase the mass of the muscle itself. 

By repeating this ‘muscle trauma’ process regularly through intensive workouts, its possible to build a powerful and muscular physique.

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How Testosterone Helps During Muscle Building

Testosterone has as anabolic effect on the body, and plays a crucial role in the process of muscle hypertrophy.

Because men have significantly more testosterone in their body when compared to women.

Its understandable just why they can build far greater muscle mass, even if the women works out exactly the same as the man.

Studies have proven that testosterone increases protein synthesis. It not only release growth hormone from the pituitary gland it also increase the numbers of key neurotransmitters in the fibres which helps to initiate muscle tissue growth.

What this means is that high levels of testosterone are essential for many man wanting to increase his muscle mass and strength.

This can be achieved by a number of methods : 

Lifestyle and dietary choices, resistance training and supplementation.

Boosting Testosterone By Resistance Training

full body hypertrophy workout

One surefire way to maximise testosterone production is by resistance training.

The Journal Sports Medicine quoted this study 

“Testosterone is an important modulator of muscle mass in both men and women, acute increases in its production can be induced by performing resistance exercise”

Now we know that testosterone production go hand in hand with resistance training. Its clear that one supports the other in a natural cycle that can (if followed) help turn a soft body into a muscular powerhouse.

Lifting hard, not only initiates muscle growth by placing the muscles under stress (muscle hypertrophy).

It also increases production of our most male hormones.

Recommended Full Body Hypertrophy Workout

This suggested workout plan will help you achieve full body muscle hypertrophy. It will also give your testosterone production a healthy kickstart.

Using bigger compound movements that will place different muscle groups under stress at the same time. You will achieve a higher rate of muscle hypertrophy, effectively working many muscle groups at once. 

As the body is placed under greater metabolic stress too, the increase in testosterone will be maximised at the same time.

The American College Of Sports Medicine has set out the ideal workload for hypertrophy training with some variances for the individuals experience levels:

  • Novice – 70-80% 1RM (one rep max) for 8-12 reps – 1-3 sets
  • Intermediate – 70-85% 1RM for 8-12 reps – 1-3 sets
  • Advanced – 70-100% 1RM for 1-12 reps – 1-3 sets

This workout plan assumes that you are at intermediate standard.. Naturally if you either advanced or more of a beginner, adjust the intensity accordingly

full body hypertrophy workout

Recovery And Frequency Of A Full Body Hypertrophy Workout

The recommendation is to perform this workout at least twice per week and preferably up to 4 times.

As these kinds of workouts are very taxing on the body, you should ensure that you have sufficient rest. I recommend at least 1 day per week with no exercise whatsoever.

Rest and recovery is just as crucial as the actual workout itself, your muscles need time to rest, rejuvenate and grow. This way you will always be able to perform at your highest potential.

Ignore the urge to overtrain, it can lead to drastically reduce testosterone levels and the results will be poor at best.

If you start to feel very fatigued, stop and rest, overworking your body will not lead to any worthwhile results.

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Benefits of Increased Testosterone Levels

As studies and trials have shown, performing these kinds of full body hypertrophy workouts will maximise muscle growth and also ensure that your testosterone levels are at their peak. 

Its not just your muscle mass that will benefit either.

Optimum testosterone production will help by improving

  • Sleep Quality
  • Reducing Stress
  • Improving Body Composition
  • Reducing Belly Fat
  • Boosting Sex Drive And Performance.

It doesn’t matter what your age is, if you can maximise your testosterone production. Be it by regular strength training, supplementation or preferably BOTH, you will reap all the benefits and enjoy better health, fitness and self confidence.

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

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