Natural Testosterone Boosters

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Why Choose Natural Testosterone Boosters Over TRT and Steroids?

Depending on wether you want to build large muscles, or boost energy and libido, you may be confused over the choice between natural testosterone boosters, steroids or TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

Both steroids and TRT are drug based hormone treatments. The former is used by many bodybuilders to drastically increase muscle mass in the gym. 

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The latter is often prescribed in various forms to help treat low testosterone in older men.

When used correctly and under strict medical guidance, these methods can be successful.

However the media is packed with reports of bad side effects, and even death resulting from the use of these types of synthetic treatments.

Anabolic steroids and drug based TRT are known to cause the following:

  • Heart and Liver Problems
  • Shrunken Testicles
  • Prostate Problems
  • Increased Risk Of Certain Cancers
  • Elevated Red Blood Cell Count
  • Hair Loss
  • Loss Of Sex Drive.

In addition to the above, women who use steroids can also experience:

  • Reduced Breast Size
  • Increased Body Hair
  • Deepening Of The Voice
  • Growth Of The Clitoris (so much so that it can resemble a small penis)


testosterone lawsuits

In the US there are many hundreds of lawsuits being processed through the courts. 

They have been brought by men who have suffered heart attacks and other health problems, caused by, they claim, the testosterone drugs that they had been prescribed.

They have told the courts that they believe that the manufacturers knew about the risks, but failed to disclose them to either to doctors or to the public.

Why Are Natural Testosterone Boosters Better

There is a key difference between drug based treatments and natural testosterone boosters. 

TRT and anabolic steroids effectively put man made synthetic testosterone and other drugs into your body. 

Natural testosterone boosters contain clinically recognised minerals,vitamins and other herbal compounds that nurture, build and maintain the right hormonal environment for your body to increase production of its own natural hormone.

While drug based hormones can cause your body to react badly, hence the many side effects.  (Its just like when a patients body rejects a transported organ).

Natural T-boosters encourage and increase production of your own natural genetic testosterone.

With ever increasing amounts of your own natural hormone flowing through your veins, you will not experience any bad reactions or side effects, just the benefits.

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A Good Natural T-Booster Can:

  • Help Boost Sex Drive
  • Build Muscle Mass
  • Increase Strength
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Boost Energy 
  • Improve Moods and Sleep Quality

“All without any side effects.”

What Will I Find In A Natural Testosterone Booster?

choosing a good natural testosterone booster

The majority of ingredients in a natural T-booster are herbal or plant based, many of these are popular in traditional, Eastern and homeopathic medicines.

If you take a look at the formulas in these products, you will find a massive number of ingredients. 

Some these are clinically proven to work, others have limited effects and alas, many are completely ineffective.

The secret is knowing which ones to look for and those to avoid.

Many manufacturers rely on overstated claims and pure marketing hype to sell their products.

Try to ignore the hype and instead look for a product that contains a good mix of proven ingredients.

13 T-boosting Ingredients To Look out For:

Vitamin D3 – Studies have shown that it can increase testosterone by 30%

D-Aspartic Acid – Clinically proven To Boost Testosterone by 42% in 12 days

Stinging Nettle – Known to control SHBG and Estrogen

Fenugreek – Proven Libido Booster

Zinc – Boosts fertility, essential T-booster

Magnesium – Works Alongside Zinc to boost Testosterone

Oyster Extract – Powerful source of zinc

Boron – Clinically approved T-boosting ingredient

Mucuna Pruriens – Boosts libido In older men

Ashwagandha – Known t-boosting benefits (better in men with low T)

Ginseng – Boosts energy and performance

Luteolin – Helps reduce estrogen

Vitamin B6 – Crucial vitamin, usually grouped with magnesium and zinc 

13 T-Boosting Ingredients To Avoid

Tribulus Terrestris – Popular ingredient, but clinically proven to NOT boost testosterone

Maca – No proven t-boosting qualities, might help libido

Banaba Leaf – No clinical evidence

Milk Thistle – No results in clinical trials

Saw Palmetto – Can reduce hairloss, but no direct T boosting benefits

Coleus – lack of studies might help testosterone in obese men

DHEA – Ineffective, might cause prostate cancer

Licorice – Thought to actually reduce testosterone

Eurycoma Longjack – Can boost libido, but not testosterone

Rhodiola Rosea – No T-boosting evidence

Ginger – Largely untested, possibly effective in older men

Damiana – Lacks clinical testing – might lower estrogen

Basella Alba – Untested on humans, mild improvements in animals 

My Thoughts On Tribulus Terrestris

In this brief video i run through my article on Tribulus Terrestris – I answer the burning question – Does It Boost Testosterone?

Proprietary Blends

proprietary blends in natural testosterone boosters

Another thing to avoid wherever possible is a product where the manufacturers group their ingredients all together in a proprietary ‘blend, matrix or compound’.

When these are used, they usually disclose the names of the ingredients, but fail to disclose the amounts of each ingredient in the mix. Instead these are all grouped together in a total amount.

We suggest that you avoid any product that lists its formula in this way.

You have no idea how much of anything you are taking, in fact the makers only have to put a tiny trace amount in the mix to say that its in there. (just enough to satisfy legal requirements)

Most ingredients need to be taken in sufficient quantities per day in order for you to see benefits.

With proprietary blends you have no idea how much is in the product, and therefore if you are actually taking enough for them to have any effect or provide any benefits.

Two examples are D-aspartic acid, One of the most effective t-boosting ingredients is most effective when taken at amounts of between 1600mg and 2300mg per day. 

Vitamin D3 is another key ingredient, for best results you should really take between 3000 and 5000iu (international units) per day.

Even if a proprietary blend contains these two ingredients, without knowing how much of anything is in the formula, you simply do not know if you are taking enough – Probably not in most cases.

In simple words – Avoid proprietary blends – the makers are most likely hiding something. – Instead choose a product that fully discloses all of its ingredients.

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

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