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(Last Updated On: February 8, 2019)

Oysters : Natures T-Booster and Aphrodisiac 

Love them or hate them, there is no getting away from the fact that Oysters are one of life’s delicacies. 

But they are not for everybody – As the 17th century poet and satirist Jonathon Swift once said “He was a bold man, that first eat an oyster”

oysters testosterone

Eating them is a culinary experience like no other, for some a challenge too far, largely down to their look and texture. 

Those who have grown to love them are aware of just how nutritious they can be, they are tasty thats for sure, but they are also excellent at boosting testosterone, which makes them the perfect foodstuff for any man who wants to maintain his hormonal health as he gets that little bit older.

I had my first oyster at a fish restaurant called Loch Fyne – I watched how the waiter opened the oysters with his special shucking knife and arranged six oysters on an ice cold plate along with various accompaniments including chopped chilli, lemon zest, horseradish, soy and tabasco sauce.

it was an interesting experience, slightly hazy in my memory due to the copious amounts of beer that I had drank earlier in the evening.

But I do remember struggling with the first one, but once I got used to tipping and sliding them down my throat, it was a start of a lengthy love affair with these power packed little shellfish that continues to this day.

This article is more about the healthy aspects of Oysters than my love of them as a food stuff – So lets find out more about their health giving properties, especially about their ability to help increase testosterone production.

Oysters And Testosterone

Oysters have long been thought of as effective aphrodisiacs, this belief dating back to Roman times. 

The famous lethario Casanova reportedly helped boost his energy in the sack by having Raw Oysters for breakfast every day – but that is a legend with no physical proof.

In these modern times there is some solid clinical evidence that proves just how effective Oysters are at boosting testosterone, helping to boost performance, fertility, sperm production, motility and volume – in fact all the things that made Casanova famous..

Oysters Are Packed With Zinc

Oysters are packed with Zinc – even more than the finest lean red beef. Zinc is a vital mineral in the body, responsible for many health aspects. 

It has been studied extensively and it has been shown that a daily serving of zinc especially when taken alongside regular exercise can help to boost testosterone production.

It can also increase sperm production, and boost their motility ( how active these little swimmers are).

There is one small study that showed a direct link to improved performance between the sheets (there you go Mr Casanova) 

Oysters And D-Aspartic Acid

oysters boost libido

Oysters are also found to contain good levels of D-Aspartic Acid , this is relatively new ingredient having been isolated from asparagus back in 1872. In recent years, studies have proven that it does indeed pack a testosterone boosting punch.

One particular study showed that testosterone in Rats was increased by 42% in just two weeks. It showed that DAA helped to boost both the synthesis and release of testosterone by the testes.

Its effects was also shown to help increase sperm production by 100% and improved motility by 25%

Oysters And Vitamin D

The final reason why Oysters are so good at boosting testosterone and improving sexual performance is the fact that they contain a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

Although technically not a vitamin, it is actually a steroid hormone called Calcitrol that is produced largely by ultraviolet light ( from exposure to the sun).

We get most of our natural Vitamin D from sun exposure, but for many of us, we do not get sufficient sunlight to maintain healthy levels of Vit D 24/7. So in order to keep our levels T the optimum, we need to get it from other sources.

This is where oysters come in, alongside eggs, fortified milks and fish oil they are a fantastic source of vitamin D.

There are numerous clinical studies that have shown just how being deficient in Vitamin D can reduce testosterone levels. 

They also show that by taking a minimum of 3320iu Vit D per day, men can boost their testosterone by as much as 25-50%.

Bottom Line On Oysters

If you want to give your testosterone levels a natural and tasty boost and are not allergic to shellfish, then check out Oysters, packed with 3 of the most powerful T-boosting ingredients, they are one of the most effective foodstuffs available anywhere.

But they are not for everyone, thankfully for those who do not fancy the thought of eating Oysters, a couple of forward thinking manufacturers have harnessed the power of these power packed little shellfish and have used their powdered extract in their natural t-boosting supplements.

One such product is Testofuel – a proven muscle boosting, libido enhancing supplement that is used by thousands of men globally. It delivers 100mg of pure oyster extract per daily serving.

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