Prime Male Enhance Review

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2020)

Prime Male Enhance Review – Restores Your Youthful Libido

Prime Male Enhance is a made for purpose, all natural supplement aimed at helping men as they get older to regain their youthful sex drive and performance. 

The new sibling to the worlds best selling T-Booster Prime Male, Prime Male Enhance has been developed to treat one of the most noticeable effects of low testosterone, that is a reduction in sex drive, arousal and performance.

Reduced sex drive and poor erections are not just experienced by older men, it effects men of any age. 

In the younger man, it’s usually the result of too much to drink, drug taking, stress and fatigue, it can also be caused by nerves when sleeping with a new partner for the first time.

What Is Prime Male Enhance

Prime Male Enhance is a specially developed supplement aimed at helping men of any age achieve stronger, longer lasting erections. It improves arousal, sexual responses and performance between the sheets

Developed using the latest scientific research, Prime Male Enhance helps in three ways:

(1) Its scientifically developed formula works to boost the most important part of arousal and getting a solid erection – that is blood flow. 

A strong blood flow is the key to a hard, long lasting erection, without it, the erection will be weak and short lived.

Prime Male Enhance increases the level of nitric oxide in the body, this natural compound is responsible for relaxing and dilating the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow into the penis, making the resulting erections, larger, harder and longer lasting.

(2) It is also made to help increase semen volume and boost sperm count and motility – essential for anybody trying for a family.

(3) It helps to boost moods, increasing arousal and the desire for sex, basically making you more confident and to be blunt ‘horny’ .

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Whats In Prime Male Enhance?

The makers have put together 12 clinically proven ingredients, all recognised for their ability to help boost blood flow, increase arousal and restore vitality.

Each and every serving includes:

  • Vitamin B6 10mg
  • Vitamin B12 80mcg
  • Zinc Aspartate 20mg
  • Selenium 80mcg
  • Saw Palmetto 1800mg
  • Muira Pauma 800mg
  • L-Arginine 600mg
  • Damiana 500mg
  • Asian Ginseng 400mg
  • Maca Root 400mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 280mg
  • Oat Straw 200mg

This amazing libido booster is really well formulated, lets take a brief look at some of the key ingredients in more depth.

Ginseng – Used in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries, a proven libido booster, known to treat impotence as well as other health issues

Maca Root – Native of Peru, this root extract can boost sexual desire, increase energy levels and reduce recovery times after exercise

Oat Straw – Oat is well documented for its positive benefits o the heart, but its also excellent at increasing sexual awareness and boosting orgasms.

Selenium – Taken from Oysters, a proven aphrodisiac. It helps to protect and boost sperm health

Tribulus Terrestris – Traditional remedy, famed for its libido boosting effects

Damiana – Popular aphrodisiac compound from south America

Muira Pauma – Commonly referred to as “erection root” clinical studies ahem seen that taking this in supplement form can noticeably boost libido and erection strength.

Saw Palmetto – Boosts testosterone the key male sex hormone

L-Arginine – Increases the levels of nitric oxide, relaxing blood vessels and boosting essential blood flow

Zinc – An essential mineral that is known for its ability to boost fertility, sex drive and help maintain  immunity

B Vitamins – Help to reduce fatigue, and boost physical performance

How To Take Prime Male Enhance

The recommended daily serving is 4 capsules daily. It can be stacked alongside its sister product Prime Male or in fact any T-Booster to maximise effects

Does Prime Male Enhance Cause Any Side Effects

There are no reports of any side effects, looking at the formula, its very unlikely that there is anything that could cause any issues or ill effects

Where To Buy Prime Male Enhance

You can buy Prime Male Enhance direct from the official website. The makers ship orders worldwide.

A bottle contains 120 capsules ( a months supply) will cost you $65.00 ( £37.00). 

“You can make some great savings by buying two or more bottles, my recommendation for BEST BUY is the 3 bottle supply. “

Costing $195.00 (£110) you get three bottle of Prime Male Enhance plus another bottle FREE.

You can choose to pay in your preferred currency, the drop down list shows many currencies including GBP, USD, CAD, AUD, EUR

The makers also provide a 90 day cash back guarantee, providing protection for any buyer who tries Prime Male Enhance and finds that it doesn’t deliver on its promises.

My Final Thoughts On Prime Male Enhance

A really well thought out product, it really provides an answer to one of the least talked about subjects that men face – Poor Erections and Reduced Libido.

It’s all natural formula is cleverly developed, being based on solid clinical evidence and delivers some great results without any of those nasty side effects linked to those little blue prescription drugs commonly used to treat erection problems.

If you are having problems in the bedroom, you owe it to yourself ( and your partner) to check Prime Male Enhance out!

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