Testosterone Booster Benefits

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

Testosterone Booster Benefits: 11 Reasons Why You Should Take Natural T-Boosters

  • Are you worried that your testosterone production has declined ? 
  • Concerned about losing your muscle tone or worse still,  your sex drive?
  • Trying To build larger muscles in the gym and not seeing results?

Well you have come to the right place…

low testosterone

“This article will give you the low down on T-boosters, we will tell you just why you should be taking them, as well as point out a few downsides too”

So Why Take A Natural Testosterone Booster

A good natural Testosterone booster offers a whole range of benefits to any man. 

It’s not surprising, testosterone is the king of all male hormones, its what makes us the men we are. It is responsible for our muscles, our strength,  body hair, deeper voices and of course our sex drive.

During puberty and into our early thirties, our testosterone levels are at their peak, giving us boundless energy, strength, muscularity and of course our powerful sex drive and performance. 

As we progress through our 30’s and beyond, out natural testosterone production begins to reduce. 

Experts tell us that this reduction starts off at about 1-2% per year. For instance by the time a guy reaches 50 his natural testosterone levels could be as much as 40% lower than it was in his prime.

This can bring with it some unfavourable side effects – Some are so subtle at first that many guys do not even realise that they have a problem.

These are some of the symptoms that you should be looking for:

  • Reduced Sex Drive
  • Erection Problems
  • Increased Body Fat (particularly around the stomach area)
  • Fatigue/No Energy
  • Lost Muscle Tone/Reduced Strength
  • Hair Loss
  • Mood Changes
  • Poor Sleep

Having Low Testosterone Levels can seriously Impact on your life and overall well being. Its crucial to try and boost your testosterone levels to keep your vitality and youthfulness.

Furthermore increasing testosterone will also help you if you want to build larger muscles and increase your strength in the gym.

“The Secret Is Knowing How To Raise Those T-Levels Safely.”

If you are a keen gym goer, there is every chance that you know someone who is injecting synthetic testosterone or other anabolic steroids to help them increase their muscle mass. 

Now testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) can have its place, especially when used by men with clinically diagnosed low testosterone. 

But beware, even prescription treatments offered by doctors have some risks. 

Guys who buy anabolic steroids and synthetic testosterone online and inject themselves are putting their health, and quiet possibly their lives at risk

Risks Of TRT

TRT risks

Now as we said above, some men need drug based TRT for medical reasons, and in many cases its very effective. 

These sorts of treatments come in various forms, gels, pills, patches and of course injections.


Guys who go online and buy testosterone or other anabolic steroids on the black market are acting illegally and are actually putting their very life at risk.

Drug based TRT and illegal steroids carry some nasty side effects, some of which have proved fatal:

  • Shrunken balls
  • Fluid retention
  • Reduced fertility
  • Man boobs
  • Mood changes
  • Aggression
  • Elevated red blood cell count
  • Increased risk of stroke and heart attack

The courts in the US are currently hearing hundreds of courts cases involving manufacturers of prescription TRT products. These have been brought by men who have suffered heart attacks and other health problems after taking drug based TRT. 

They claim that the manufacturers knew about the health risks, but did not pass the information onto doctors and the public.

Now we are sure that you would not want to put your body and your life at risk – neither would we.

Fortunately there is a safe (and legal) option, and that alternative is using a Natural testosterone booster.

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

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Boosting Testosterone Naturally

natural t-booster

Can you really boost your testosterone naturally?

100% you can!!

To kick off, some of the foods you eat have proven testosterone boosting properties:

  • Tuna
  • Beans
  • Oysters
  • Egg Yolks
  • Lean Beef
  • Cereals
  • Shellfish
  • Low Fat Milk that contains Vitamin D3

“Just being out in the sun regularly can help raise your testosterone, it’s the only way that you can naturally get Vitamin D and its importance when thinking about testosterone boosting should not be underestimated.”

In fact Vitamin D and Zinc are two of the MOST crucial T-boosting ingredients of all.

Anything Else We Can Do To Boost Testosterone Production?

You can take a natural testosterone booster… 

Their relevance and importance has really become noticed by doctors and scientists, and with that in mind, they have researched and tested many natural ingredients to discover the ones that really help to step up your hormone production.

Using the right combination of these proven ingredients, they have discovered that you can really increase your T levels without any risk.

And natural testosterone boosting supplements are the result.

Want to know the best bit? 

With no unnatural or man made synthetic hormones in sight, you can be sure that there are generally no side effects or any health risks to anybody taking natural T boosters.

What Are The Best Natural T-Boosting Ingredients? 

choosing a good t-booster

To make sure that you are getting the right testosterone booster for your needs, its important to choose one that use certain ingredients. 

“Always look for one that contains the majority of these ingredients:”

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) 

An amino acid that is without doubt one of the most crucial of all testosterone boosting ingredients. 

Known for its ability to promote the entire testosterone boosting process. It is responsible for the release of several hormones, that play a crucial part in the overall testosterone production sequence.

One study demonstrated that daily supplementation of DAA helped boost testosterone by up to 42% in just 12 days

Oyster Extract

Jam packed with minerals and vitamins, most crucially Zinc. Oysters contain more zinc that virtually any other food stuff. 

Supplementing with it adds a credible boost to your T levels.

Naturally the only downside is that some people are allergic to shellfish, so it might make some supplements unsuitable for them.

Bottom line – If you have no seafood allergies, then choosing one of only a handful of T-boosters that contain Oyster extract is absolutely paramount.


Thought for years to be just a boring old mineral, but Boron is far from that. 

It has been discovered to be one of the most potent testosterone boosters out there. Boron has muscle building, bone strengthening properties, and can also help control the crucial testosterone/estrogen balance.

Nettle Leaf

Helps to stop testosterone being swallowed up by SHBG (Sex hormone binding globulin) allowing for increased testosterone to stay in the blood and available for use. 

It can also help reduce the aromatase effect where testosterone is changed into the female hormone Estrogen.

Vitamin D3

As we mentioned above, one of the most crucial T-boosting ingredients. It helps to increase the release of luteinising hormone, a direct precursor to testosterone release.

Not available in many foods, Some of us are lucky to get our full daily vitamin D requirement from exposure to the sun. 

However with many of us not actually getting enough regular sunlight to get our full daily requirement of Vit D, it leaves the way forward for supplements containing Vitamin D3 to make up the shortfall. 

Look for a supplement that contains close to 5000iu (international units) for maximum effect


Popular in cooking, his herbal extract is also a mainstay in many of the best testosterone boosting supplements. 

Known to help boost libido and many other aspects of boosting testosterone.


In its various forms, ginseng is an excellent energy booster, it helps boost nitric oxide in the blood which in turn helps to increase bloodflow to the muscles. 

The increased bloodflow helps to transport increased amounts of nutrients to the muscles, boosting over and ultimately muscle growth too.

Bioperine (Black Pepper)

Not a T-boosting ingredient in its own right, but its inclusion is crucial as it helps speed and increase the absorption and effectiveness of the other key ingredients, thus helping to maximise the results. 

What it does mean that manufacturers can actually use slightly less of the key ingredients in the mix, and actually get better results. 

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

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What Benefits Can Natural T-Boosters Give Me?

testosterone booster benefits

If you take a natural testosterone booster you will be forgiven for asking what sort of benefits they can give you and your body.  

Lets Find out:

Your Heart

Increased testosterone means more red blood cells, these are the vessels that carry oxygen around your body, feeding your organs and muscles. Improving the blood flow is crucial to keeping your organs working efficiently and your muscles to actually grow.

Your Strength

Testosterone is responsible for protein synthesis, basically it helps your muscles utilise the protein thats being delivered in the blood, as they grow, your strength will increase, along with it your feeling of wellbeing.

It also helps maintain bone density too

Lowers Body Fat

Testosterone helps to regulate the levels of body fat. Too much fat is a sign of increased estrogen in the blood. 

A good Testosterone booster will reduce estrogen and allow more free testosterone to flow in your veins, this helps to cut unwanted belly fat.

The fat/estrogen/testosterone circle can be hard to break – 

Low Testosterone = Higher Estrogen = More Body Fat = More Testosterone converts to Estrogen = Even lower Testosterone = More estrogen = Even More Body Fat (and so on and so on.)

Increased Sex Drive and Performance

This is probably the most important benefit of all.

Increased Testosterone means improved sexual appetite, better erections and overall a more enjoyable performance in the bedroom.

Also the more sex you start to have, the better your testosterone levels will be.

Better Moods

Low Testosterone can be linked to depression and generally poor moods and self esteem. 

You can feel tired and irritable. By boosting your T-levels, these effects will reduced, making you feel much better about yourself, you will be happier and probably more confident too.

boost muscle with testosterone

These are the key benefits to boosting your Testosterone with natural T-boosters, but what about any ill effects or problems that they might cause?

Side Effects Of T-Boosters

OK.. Here are the facts. If you go down the route of self injecting synthetic testosterone or illegal anabolic steroids, you are leaving yourself wide open to some quite nasty, some potentially fatal side effects. 

If your doctor has recommended prescription based TRT as a direct treatment for your low T then as long as the treatment is monitored, you should (and we say should) be ok.

As for natural testosterone boosting products, we have covered all the benefits, but what about any possible problems or side effects?


As long as you are healthy, are not on any long term medication.

You have no allergies to any of the ingredients, and take them as directed.

You will find them to be safe and free from any side effects.

Some users experience a slight increase in acne breakouts, but this is a sign of raised hormone production and should balance itself out once the body gets used to the increased levels of testosterone. 

That aside you should not experience any ill effects whatsoever.

These supplements are completely natural and as such, offer a 99.9999% chance of being free from any side effects.

Now The Main Question On Your Lips Could Possibly Be:

Will A Natural Testosterone Booster Really Work?

do t-boosters work

The definitive answer is YES.

Science has tested and double tested hundreds of ingredients, and while many do not offer any benefits, there are the ones like the ingredients listed above that really do work.

That doesn’t mean that you just sit back and wait for the products to work, you do need to eat sensibly and try to exercise regularly. 

Now we don’t mean that you have to hit the gym and push heavy weights 3 or 4 times a week.

(Although if you want to build large muscles, you will ideally need to do this).

But you do need to walk, run, swim, or cycle – Get your body moving, your blood pumping and your heart working.

Now Its up to you, you have the key facts.

Now you need to do your research and check out various supplements, find one that uses many of the ingredients listed above and give it a go.

Some Final Pointers

AS with everything, there are some Do’s and Dont’s to consider when choosing a Testosterone Booster. 

These will hopefully help you to pick the Good from the Bad.

Do Choose A Product That:

  • Uses a good mix of proven T-boosting Ingredients
  • The formula is FULLY disclosed
  • Is made by an established company with a good reputation
  • Has a large number of positive user reviews/recommendations
  • Offers worldwide shipping with minimal restrictions
  • Provides a lengthy money back guarantee that includes opened boxes

Don’t Choose a Product That:

  • Uses undisclosed or secretive proprietary “bends, complexes or matrixes”
  • Lacks real user information on official website
  • Has poor or very few customer reviews
  • Has no cash back guarantee
  • Does not ship worldwide or has many restrictions in place


how much do t-boosters cost

Now we all like to get good value for our hard earned cash, and in life you do generally get what you pay for… 

Now while this is certainly true, you still need to exercise caution and check the formula out before you buy. 

Just to make sure that the makers are offering a proven list of effective ingredients, and are not just relying on marketing hype or BS to sell their product.

“If you follow the hints and tips contained in this article, you will soon be reaping the benefits of increased testosterone production.” 

  • You will soon be tearing it up in the gym, building huge muscles and increasing your strength and energy. 
  • If a lack of libido has been worrying you, fear not, you will soon be blowing her mind in the bedroom.
  • If your belly fat has got beyond a joke, you will soon be looking ‘ripped’ and fit.

Don’t fall in the trap of believing that nothing other than injected synthetic testosterone and anabolic steroids will do the trick.  THEY WILL NOT.

Natural T-Boosters really work!! Just use the information that we have given you and quite honestly – You cannot fail !!

Now Its Up To You!!.

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

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