Testosterone Boosting Affects Of Aerobic Exercises

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2019)

Testosterone Boosting Affects Of Aerobic Exercises

As part of your general health and fitness program, adding aerobic exercises is going to be important.

Many people overlook the benefits that aerobic exercise can provide when it comes to boosting their testosterone levels.

While there’s no question that adding regular strength training exercise is vital for success, aerobics has it’s place.

Here’s why….

Enhanced Recovery From Strength Exercise 

First, light aerobic exercises done at a moderate intensity level can help to assist with your recovery from your strength workouts. This can make it easier to hit the gym for that next session sooner.

This increases the frequency level that you can workout with, which then will enhance the overall testosterone production that you experience.

Furthermore, light cardio exercise can also help to relieve muscle soreness after a hard session. This offers performance benefits as well during that next workout.

men and women doing aerobic exercise

Controlling Body Fat

The second reason why aerobic exercises should be included in any plan that is aiming to boost testosterone levels is because it will help to lower your total body fat level. – At least it will minimize it while you are in a mass gaining phase.

Excess body fat will have a negative influence of testosterone production.  It’s in your best interest to control this whenever possible.

Staying in good cardiovascular shape can help to improve nutrient partitioning. You’ll be more likely to use the calories you eat to build muscle mass rather than gaining body fat.

Improved Lactic Acid Clearance 

lactic acid clearance

Finally, adding aerobic exercises can also help to boost your ability to clear lactic acid from the body as well. This will further improve your ability to fend off fatigue during your regular strength training workout sessions.

Your body will improve its fitness level so that you aren’t fatiguing as early after your usual sets. This allows you to do more work total.

More work equates to more strength gains and testosterone levels. So this is a very powerful indirect way that aerobic exercise will help.

A Word Of Caution 

“Do Not Over Do The Cardio”

Just one word of caution. – Make sure you keep your aerobic exercises to a moderate level. Doing too much cardio training, especially while aiming to gain lean muscle mass can in fact work against you. This can lead to loss of muscle tissue.

Especially if you start doing long-duration running as your aerobics of choice, this is counterproductive to gaining leg muscle mass.

Instead, opt for some moderate intently interval training, preferably uphill running so you are working against some resistance. Try to perform it two to three times per week for 20 minutes.

There’s no need to do hours and hours of aerobic exercise when it comes to your cardio training. However adding a few sessions in with your strength workouts can most certainly enhance your results and help keep your testosterone levels elevated to where they should be for optimal results.

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(Last Updated On: January 19, 2019)

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