Testosterone Boosting Workout

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

Testosterone Boosting Workout

Discover the best testosterone boosting workout – If you’re hoping to build muscle at a sensible rate, you need to put some time and care into planning your routine.

testosterone boosting workout


The right program can dramatically enhance your appearance and results, while the wrong program will simply waste your time, leaving you feeling highly frustrated and ready to toss in the towel.

Let’s walk you through the key elements to have in place for your best workout program ever.

The Full Body Approach 

The very first thing to note is that you should be using a full body approach for your workout session.

The full body is best because it’ll allow you to hit the muscles at a maximum frequency each week (3-4 times), while still allowing enough time off for recovery.

The more total muscle fibers you can work in any given session, the higher your testosterone levels will be.

Plus, since you’ll move more weight overall in a full body approach, this will also help ensure you stay lean.

Compound Moves 

compound exercises

When selecting the exercises to perform, compound exercises are best. These should form the foundation of the workout routine, adding isolation exercises toward the end to really finish the muscles off.

Good choices include squats, deadlifts, leg press, bent over rows, the bench press, and the shoulder press.

Focus primarily on these and you’ll be off to a better start.

Various Rep Ranges 

Your rep ranges should vary as well. By using this variety, you’ll work the muscle fibers through different strength levels, prompting greater growth.

While the 3-5 rep range is ideal for pure power development, the 8-12 rep range can be good for hypertrophy.

A combination effect will maximize both ends of the spectrum.

Smart Cardio Training 

man running

Finally, cardio training in a mass gain routine should be included, but done in moderation. By ensuring it is in the picture, you can prompt better recovery between sessions and encourage leaner mass gains as well.

To get you started here’s a workout to follow.


Exercise              Reps    Sets     Rest

Bench Press           5         5        2 minutes

Squat                       5         5        2 Minutes

Bent Over Rows    5        5        2 Minutes

Bicep Curls             5        5        60 seconds


20 minutes interval training:

  • 5 minute warm-up
  • 30 seconds RPE 8
  • 60 seconds RPE 4

Repeat 10 times

  • 5 minute cool-down

RPE= Rate Of Perceived Exertion….

RPE Levels:

  • 8 = Conversation is extremely laboured
  • 4 = Conversation Is Easy To Maintain


Exercise                   Reps    Sets    Rest

Incline Bench Press    8          4        2 minutes

Leg Press                      8          4        2 minutes

Pull Ups                       12         3       60 seconds

Bent Over Rows         12         3       60 seconds

Lunges                         12         3       60 seconds

Lateral Raise              15         2       45 seconds

Lying Leg Raise         15         3       45 seconds

Calf Raise                    15         3       45 seconds


Rest Day – Maybe Take a walk, have a run or swim – get that heart working


Exercise                  Reps   Sets      Rest

Bench Press              5        5          2 minutes

Dead Lift                   5        5          2 minutes

Bent Over Rows       5        5          2 minutes

Shoulder Press         5         5         2 minutes

Shoulder Press         8        3          60 seconds

Front Raise               8        3          60 seconds

Lat Pull Down          10       3          60 seconds

Plank Hold       30-60 secs  3          60 seconds


20-30 minute light cardio training, cycle or maybe a swim.


Rest Day – Why Not Take a walk, have a run or swim – get that heart working

So be sure that you aren’t wasting time with an improperly planned workout program. Try this one out and get ready to unlock pounds of new muscle mass.

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(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

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