Testosterone Facts And Myths

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2018)

Crucial Facts About Testosterone (And Some Myths Too)

Are You Unsure About Testosterone and Its Effects??

We are all aware just how important testosterone is to our health and well being, this website has also covered how its made, and how it regulated certain processes in our body.

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Here are some crucial testosterone facts, some you may know already, some you may not.  In this article I will also try to dispel a few popular myths too.

Lets Get Going:

Testosterone Maintains A Healthy Sex Drive

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One of the most talked about testosterone facts, ensuring that you have good levels of testosterone are essential for maintaining your erections, fertility, staying power and overall sexual performance. 

It is after all the key male sex hormone, men experiencing a lack of libido or erectile dysfunction almost certainly have reduced testosterone production.

Testosterone Reduces Body Fat

Testosterone has a crucial role to play in the regulation of our blood sugar levels and insulin release. If our testosterone levels are allowed to drop (often with age), the body struggles to regulate the glucose in our blood, allowing to metabolise fat causing us to gain weight. 

In extreme cases, it can also lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.

If fat cells are allowed to increase, these work to convert testosterone into the female hormone estrogen. 

This process known as aromatase begins a ‘hard to break’ circle of events, more testosterone is turned into fat, increased fat means more estrogen is being produced, meaning more T is converted and so on..

Testosterone Helps Maintain And Increase Muscle Mass

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Testosterone is the bodybuilders best friend. It triggers muscle protein synthesis, allowing muscle cells to tear, and duplicate to form additional muscle cells, which results in extra muscle mass. 

This is why body builders in particular choose good testosterone boosting supplements to maximise the results from their workouts

Testosterone Can Boost Moods and Reduce Depression

Clinical research has demonstrated a defined link between low testosterone and the symptoms of depression. 

The same research has also shown that supplementing with t-boosters can actually reduce the effects of depression and make a huge difference to moods in general.

Testosterone Increases Confidence And Dominance

There have been many studies that look into this fact, and they have shown that there is a strong link between the desire to dominate and increased testosterone levels. 

Now there are times where this could be seen as a negative, but for most men its more likely to work in a positive manner, as motivation for success, with in business and in life itself. It could also help improve sexual attraction with the ladies.

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2018)

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Testosterone Helps You Attract The Ladies

This is actually quite a crucial point, and one that has been shown to be true in recent studies. 

When men competed for females attention, it was the ones who were more assertive who were the most successful with the ladies. – Assertiveness is one sign of having good testosterone levels

Testosterone May Strengthen Your Heart

Although not a 100% proven fact. There are strong indications that maintaining healthy levels of testosterone will help prevent cardiovascular and other diseases.

Testosterone Can Strengthen Your Bones

It has been proven that healthy testosterone levels help to maintain bone health and strength. It helps by boosting bone mineralisation and reducing the effects of bone resorption. 

It has been proven that older men who are suffering from osteoporosis tend to have low testosterone as well.

Testosterone Could Reduce The Chances Of Developing Alzheimers

A 2010 study carried out in Hong Kong, showed a defined link between cases of Alzheimers disease and low testosterone. 

Testosterone Could Help Boost Your Brain Power

testosterone and brain power

Testosterone has been proven to boost general cognition in older men. 

Studies have shown a strong relationship between testosterone levels and strong brain functions including memory, problem solving and recall. 

Those with poor cognitive function have also been shown to have reduced testosterone levels

Testosterone Increases Risk Taking

Quite an interesting statement, but proven to be true in solid clinical studies. 

Men with high testosterone levels who were not perhaps as highly placed socially, were prepared to take risks to improve their status and power, while men with lower testosterone were more complacent and happy with their situation.

There you go – some proven testosterone facts.

Now Here Are Some Myths About Testosterone

High Testosterone Can Make You Angry

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Probably the most talked about of all testosterone myths. There is actually no defined link between increased testosterone and anger. 

In truth the opposite is more likely as research as proven that men with low T can often become frustrated and depressed.

This myth is actually a result of confusion, because of the well established link between anger and taking anabolic steroids containing synthetic testosterone (AKA Roid Rage). 

Now while anabolic steroids can indeed cause mood swings etc, the fact is that in reality, the same is not actually true when boosting your testosterone naturally.

High Testosterone Causes Violence and  Bad Behaviour

Bullying, fighting, aggression and other forms of anti social behaviour can often be linked to overloaded testosterone levels. 

This is especially in adolescent boys who are experiencing the highest natural T levels of their entire life. 

Studies looking at both adolescents and adult men have found no correlation between increased testosterone levels and anti social behaviour and violence.

In fact studies have shown that the higher the testosterone levels in men, the more pro-social they can be. They can be more affable, more willing to bargain or compromise, without letting frustration or anger getting the better of them.

Boosting Testosterone Can Cause Prostate Cancer

can testosterone cause prostate cancer

A commonly believed fact, especially by some doctors, but did you know that this has been based on just one patient’s case. 

Modern research has shown that in healthy men, there is no link between increased testosterone and the greater risk of the onset of prostate cancer.

There is one contradiction to this point however. 

If you already have prostate cancer then boosting testosterone could compound the disease. 

There you go, some proven testosterone facts and hopefully some myths dispelled.

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2018)

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