The Risks Of Proprietary Blends

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

 The Risks Of Proprietary Blends: Why You Should Avoid Them

If you really want to boost your muscle mass, gain strength and energy, the chances are that you will turn to various supplements to help you with your quest. 

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Its not just T-boosters either. Keen body builders use a whole list of different supplements. These can include pre and post workouts, fat burners, energy boosters, various protein products, amino acids and estrogen blockers.

Taking testosterone boosters as a classic example. If you get a good product that use quality ingredients, chances are that it will help you pile on a whole lot of muscle, and get you bursting with energy and increased strength.

But as with most things in life, not all products are equal. Some use fully disclosed formulas, packed with clinically proven ingredients all used in optimum amounts to maximise results. 

Others on the other hand prefer to hide their true formulas behind something called  proprietary blends ( sometimes referred to as a ‘complex or matrix’)

This article explains why using a supplement that uses these secretive ways to list their formula isn’t the right thing to do. 

What Are Proprietary Blends?

proprietary blends

When looking at various supplements you will no doubt notice that some manufacturers list each and ever ingredients and tell you just how much of it is included in every serving.

Others do not, instead prefer to list their ingredients in one, or several proprietary blends.

By doing it this way, they only have to disclose the total amount and just the names of each ingredient. 

As an example a manufacturer might have a proprietary blend called a ‘muscle boosting blend’. It totals 987mg and underneath it will say that it contains 5 different ingredients.

Hopefully some will be proven T-boosters such as Vitamin D, D-Aspartic acid, Vitamin B6, Zinc and Magnesium..

What you will not see however is just how much of each of these ingredients go towards the total of 987mg.

You simply have no way of knowing as this crucial information is kept secret by the manufacturers.

Many manufacturers use  Proprietary blends on their labels, and it’s not just T-boosters either. 

Many supplement manufacturers prefer to use this method of listing their formulas. The bodybuilding industry is not the only one either, It’s a wide spread practice.

“Using  proprietary blends is a way of keeping the true formula secret from the users”

More Than Likely Underdosed

Because proprietary blends only list the total weight of the ingredients. You have no idea how much of each component is used.

This could mean that some, or all of the key ingredients are actually underused.  There isn’t enough in each serving for it to actually have any effect.. 

Its also common practice for manufacturers to use worthless, filler ingredients that pack the capsule out, but actually do very little for you.

Label Decoration

This is the dark, and I believe unethical side of the supplement industry. 

By listing a number of ingredients on a label, they do not have to show the particular types (forms) of the ingredients. You have no idea just how bioavailable they are, and therefore just how effective they are likely to be.

Why Do Manufacturers Use Proprietary Blends

The stock answer is that most manufacturers provide is that it stops rivals from copying their cutting edge formulas. Which if you think about it, it sounds a perfectly legitimate reason. 

But this is very unlikely. The real reason is less honest, it allows companies to use cheaper, weaker forms of certain ingredients. Allowing them to effectively bulk out the capsules with ineffective substitutes.

Is This Legal?

are proprietary blends legal

You might be shocked to discover that YES this practice is within the law. 

In the US, the FDA requires all manufacturers to be open about the type and amounts of the ingredients in the formula. 

But a proprietary blend does not have to show this – it’s a loophole in the law that allows a ‘branded’ ingredient mix to exploit the system.

The Rules As They Stand

The FDA require any unknown or unspecified blend of ingredients to be identified as  ‘proprietary blends’ or “an appropriate descriptive name”.

In other words, you can call it whatever the hell you like.

The only weight or amount that you need to show is the total weight of all the ingredients contained within it.

You also have to simply state “daily value not established” to qualify.

So basically as long as you put the tiniest amount of each ingredient in the ‘blend’ you can legally say its in there. This applies even if there isn’t actually enough for it to have any actual effect or benefit.

Can You Get An Effective Proprietary Blend?

no proprietary blends

Highly Unlikely – There is no reason why a company would want to hide their full formula details from their customers if they didn’t have anything to hide. 

Why would they spend a great deal of time and money developing an effective formula and then not tell their users about it?


In my opinion (one that I share with many experts across the world). Is that products using proprietary blends should be avoided.

You simply have no real idea of what you are putting in your body. You don’t know if  it will actually work, or potentially putting you at risk of side effects. 

Quite frankly the manufacturers know that their product is weakly formulated at best. If they didn’t hide the full details of their formula, no intelligent person would probably buy it..

Proprietary Blends are a legal marketing trick employed by unscrupulous manufacturers who usually have something to hide. 

My Advice – Avoid Them Like The Plague!!

There are plenty of responsible manufacturers out there who are completely open and honest about whats in their products. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a T-booster or anything else, choose one that fully discloses their formula.

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

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