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(Last Updated On: February 16, 2019)

Tribulus Terrestris : Effective T-Booster Or Simply Hype With No Substance?

tribulus terrestris testosterone

Tribulus Terrestris is a very common and popular ingredient in many testosterone boosters, it is also one that has courted a lot of controversy – largely because, despite the hype and claims surrounding its reported effects, science hasn’t really proven that it has idled any testosterone boosting properties.

It was believed, largely due to an over hyed marketing program that Tribulus Terrestris had a direct influence on luteinising hormone, which is a direct precursor to testosterone production.

This article looks at Tribulus Terrestris in depth, I look at some clinical studies and try to decide if it actually has any real value as a t-booster.

What Is Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a natural plant, commonly grown throughout parts of Europe. it i a spiny [ant which also gives it its more common name – ‘puncture vine’

In traditional medicines it has bene used as a treatment for poor libido and erection problems, it is also thought to be able to treat heart and circulatory problems.

The extracts of the root, leaves and fruit are used.

Clinical Studies On Tribulus Terrestris

tribulus testosterone booster

There have been many studies involving Tribulus Terrestris, sadly most of them have been carried out on laboratory animals – mice, rats and monkeys. Now its not impossible to get the same results in humans, but the facts are that we do differ from these animals in many ways.

There is one key human study that was performed in 1985. It is the only human study to date that has demonstrated any testosterone boosting ability and is the one cited by numerous manufacturers trying to sell their products.

The study results did return a noticeable increase in testosterone, there were 16 humans subjects, and 8 of them were women – so the results aren’t exactly groundbreaking.

Numerous subsequent studies have been carried out on healthy men and to date no other study has replicated the results. 

This does bring the first study results into question.

Even in men who are infertile, there is no definitive evidence that taking Tribulus Terrestris can give testosterone anything more than a very minor boost.

There was a human study that tased the effects of Tribulus Terrestris on men who had very low sperm count. They were each given a massive dose of 6000mg per day for 60 days. They did report some slight increase in strength, fertility and even a tiny boost in testosterone.

The dose is question is a scary amount to take – to replicate this you would have to take around 8 giant horse sized pills per day.

Most supplements only contain between 500 and 1000mg. 

Health Risks And Interactions

There have been some concerns surrounding the taking of Tribulus Terrestris while pregnant, it has been linked to problems with foetal development. Its also thought to cause sleeping problems and in women, irregular periods.

Tribulus Terrestris has also been linked to interactions with certain medications. You should not take anything containing Tribulus Terrestris if you are taking any blood pressure medicine or heart drugs.

It can also reduce blood sugar levels to dangerous levels, which is not suitable for anybody with diabetes. 

is tribulus terrestris safe


Tribulus Terrestris is a seriously overhyped ingredient that to be truthful has very limited ability to make any changes to testosterone production.

Large doses might make a slight increase to erection power and overall fertility, but unless you are prepared to take massive doses for slight benefits then its certainly not really worth taking.

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