What Are The Best Testosterone Boosters

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2019)

What Are The Best Testosterone Boosters : My Top 5 Natural T- Boosters That Really Work

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Are you looking to build insanely large muscles and gain superhuman strength? Or perhaps you want to improve your life, boost your sex drive and regain that youthful energy and vigour. 

Well you have come to the right place, as I am going to tell you about 5 of the very best, all natural testosterone boosters on the market today.

Safe and legal Testosterone boosters have been proven to work by tens of thousands of guys just like YOU.

We all know that building larger, stronger muscles takes effort, plenty of hard work in the gym and of course the correct diet.


It’s not easy to make serious gains, or regain youthful energy if your hormonal system is not fitting on all cylinders, this is where natural Testosterone boosters come in.

Of all hormones, Testosterone is the most crucial, it forces your body into an anabolic state – absolutely essential for building huge muscles or improving your performance between the sheets.

If you are serious about getting jacked, seeing those results that you badly want, OR regaining your youthful energy, vigour and sex drive, then you need to make sure that your testosterone levels are at their peak.

“Natural Testosterone boosters are a great way of doing it.”

Jump Straight To My Top T-Boosters Of 2019

Natural T-Boosters Have Been Formulated To:

  • Naturally Increase Testosterone Production In Your Body
  • Increase Muscle Size
  • Boost Strength
  • Improve Moods and Confidence
  • Reduce Any Excess Body Fat
  • Dramatically Improve Sex Drive And Performance.

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They Work By

Encouraging the natural increase in testosterone production – especially as we start to get older, the natural processes begin to reduce, which can result in feelings of fatigue, poor moods, increased body fat and a lack lustre libido. 

By providing all the nutrients required, the body responds to good testosterone boosters by making and releasing more testosterone into the blood stream,

They Reduce Estrogen – An enzyme in the body called aromatase is responsible for grabbing hold of the testosterone in our blood and turning some of it into the female hormone Estrogen. 

This has a negative affect on our ability to build muscles, our strength and our sex drive. 

A good testosterone booster will contain ingredients that block the aromatase effect, keeping more useful testosterone in our blood

Boosting Free Testosterone – Around 60% of all testosterone in the blood is bound to a compound called SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). 

This actually renders the testosterone inactive. 

Certain ingredients are known to reduce SHBG in the blood, allowing more ‘Free’ testosterone to become available.

Are They As Good As Anabolic Steroids?

Some guys seem to think that the only way to build massive muscles is by taking risky anabolic steroids. 

This is gym rat BS of the highest order… Natural Testosterone boosters may not be as powerful as synthetic or man made drugs but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t equally effective.

Anabolic steroids are largely illegal, they have some well recognised, side effects, some proven to be potentially fatal. Natural T-boosters on the other hand are generally safe, with no side effects.

“Natural Testosterone Boosters will not cause ‘roid rage’, make your balls shrink or give you man boobs”

The way testosterone boosters work is completely different, anabolic steroids force man made, synthetic testosterone into the body, they shut down the natural hormonal processes and will cause harm to the liver, kidneys and heart. 

Natural testosterone boosters do not put foreign hormones into the body, instead they promote and encourage the production of more of your natural testosterone. 

As the testosterone being released is your own natural, genetic hormone, your body will not react badly to it, instead it responds in a positive way, increasing testosterone production.

TestoJunction’s Top 5 T-Boosters 2019

After many months reading and researching, and personally trying many testosterone boosters – I have finally reached my conclusion.

Based on all my research, here are the 5 top testosterone boosters available right now. They are not in any real order – Each one has its own benefits and effects, the fact is that any of them will provide some great results.


Builds Muscle And Boosts Low T

testogen plus oral drops

When choosing my top muscle building testosterone boosters. I found it hard to choose between Testogen and Testofuel, both are first class products without any doubt.

That said, Testogen has truly learnt its place in my top 5 products. It is really well formulated, and is a great choice for anybody with a shellfish allergy as they couldn’t take Testofuel.

It’s formula is well thought out and delivers T-boosting results quickly and safely.

Containing 11 ingredients including D-Aspartic acid, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron, Fenugreek and Vitamin D.

Testogen quickly increases Testosterone production, while at the same time, reduces both aromatase and the effects of SHBG which renders existing testosterone ineffective.

Testogen was designed for guys wishing to build huge muscles. It has proven itself equally effective when taken by older men aged 30-40 who want to regain some of their youthful energy and muscle tone.

Available worldwide from the official website, all orders are shipped worldwide for FREE and have the protection of a 60 day cash back guarantee.

Prices start at $59.99 with some great savings to be had when ordering larger quantities.

With the 3 bottle package, you also get 2 FREE Bottles, a FREE ‘E’Book plus a rather unique additional FREE bottle of Testogen INSTANT T-boosting oral drops that increases and adds to the Testosterone boosting effects.

My Verdict –

A top class muscle and Low T boosting supplement with a proven history of results. Testogen is a fantastic product, well formulated and will not disappoint.  Whatever your age.

Learn More At The Official Testogen Website

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The Bodybuilders Choice

testofuel reviews

Testofuel kept coming to my attention everywhere I looked, on forums, discussion and social pages, its clear that thousands of men globally love it for its clean, powerful, all natural formula that is proven to boost muscle mass, strength and energy.

It’s fully disclosed formula makes it one of the best testosterone boosters in the business.

With effective amounts of key T-boosting ingredients like D-aspartic acid and Vitamin D3, plus essential compounds including Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6. Its muscle boosting effects are beyond question.

A masterstroke is the inclusion of Oyster extract*, one of the most powerful sources of essential zinc anywhere.

Improved Libido, with a noticeable reduction in body fat are two very welcome bonuses.

Sold worldwide direct from the official website. Prices start at $69 for a full months supply, with discounts and free bottles available with larger orders.

A manufacturers 90 day cash back guarantee is also available.

My Verdict

Testofuel is a great product for any man who wants to boost his muscles, strength, get jacked and ripped.

*The only downside is that its not suitable for anybody with a shellfish allergy.

Learn More At The Official Testofuel Website 

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Alpha Wolf Force X7

Popular With Guys Of All Ages – Builds Muscle And Boosts Vitality

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Alpha Wolf Force X7 is the result of one mans desire and quest to develop a powerful and effective all natural testosterone booster.

Robert Clark is a keen fitness expert, certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning trainer and nutritional researcher. He had reached 40 and was upset to discover that his energy and hard earned muscle mass had started reducing with age.

After 6 months intensive research, he had formulated his own product and Alpha Wolf Force X7 is the end result.

Users feedback from guys of all ages is all excellent with some great reports of increased muscle tone, mass and strength along with reduced body fat and a noticeable boost in libido

Available from the manufacturers website and amazon, prices start at $49.95.

There are some great savings the you buy larger quantities.

Another bonus – When ordering directly from the manufacture you will also get the protection of their 30 day 110% cash back guarantee.

BONUS SAVING – Use Code TESTO10 to get another 10% discount at checkout.

My Verdict – I was initially concerned about the relatively low amount of Vitamin D3 in the formula (when compared to some products) but the more I look into Force X7, the more I like it.

By ignoring the masses and instead basing their formula on solid scientific facts and study results, Robert and his team have developed an all natural T-booster that really does offer some great results.

User reviews are all good, and it certainly seems to deliver some great improvements across the board in men of all ages. – Alpha Wolf X7 is definitely worth a try!!

Go To Official Alpha Wolf Force X7 Website 

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Prime Male

My Recommendation For The Over 40’s

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The makers of Prime Male set out with just one aim, to make the best T-booster for men aged 40+ who were experiencing the symptoms of age related testosterone decline.

A problem that will effect all of us to some extent as we get older. With increased body fat, reduced muscle tone and energy, along with a decreased sex drive and in many cases erectile dysfunction being commonplace.

Using a cleverly formulated blend of proven T-boosting compounds, alongside essential Estrogen blockers. (All in the most bioavailable forms). What you have here is a well rounded, efficient all natural T-booster that really works.

It has literally changed the lives of thousands of men.

Ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate, Vitamin D3, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Citrate, Mucuna Pruriens, Boron and Luteolin, all combine to make one hell of a T-booster.

Its plant based capsules make it suitable for vegetarians, vegans and anybody with food allergies

Sold worldwide from the official website, prices start at $69 for a full month supply.

There are discounts for larger orders ( some with bonus bottles). A 90 day cash back guarantee is also provided.

My Verdict –

Prime Male Should be your first choice if you are aged 40 or over and starting to feel not as energetic, strong or as horny as you used to be.

If you want to get back to your Prime – Choose Prime Male!!

Learn More At The Official Website

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Military Muscle

Powerful And Effective With A Great Formula

The latest addition to my recommended list – Military Muscle is a really comprehensive, all natural T-Booster that is packed with 11 Clinically approved ingredients

Containing impressive levels of essential T-Boosters including D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D, Ashwagandha, Boron, Zinc and Fenugreek

Developed with the help of the military and professional sports people, this product really hits the mark on so many levels – I tried it for a month and absolutely loved it!

Available to buyers worldwide with FREE shipping on all orders. The makers also offer a 90 day cash back guarantee.

Learn More At The Official Website

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